The Ten Most Rare and Expensive Super Nintendo Games

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The Ten Most Rare and Expensive Super Nintendo Games

The Ten Most Rare and Expensive Super Nintendo Games

The Super Nintendo is a very well-known game console with many excellent games. Many of the games on the SNES have become scarce after their first launch. Some have been deemed desirable collectibles. Here’s an inventory of the top ten top-priced and most rare games available for the Super NES.

1. Donkey Kong Country Competition – $400

This game was played as part of the promo tournament held at Blockbuster Video locations, and it was not released for sale. A few Blockbuster stores offered the games away following the event or sold them to its bargain bins. Since it was a special edition item, it sells for an impressive premium when compared with similar Super Nintendo games.

2. Starfox Super Weekend – $220

Another limited edition game was featured as part of a Blockbuster promotion. Starfox Super Weekend was sold to a few rental customers, as well as Nintendo Power even sold a few copies to their clients. The game is just as difficult to locate as it is the Donkey Kong cartridge listed at number one, but it doesn’t have the same cost.

3. Earthbound – $70

Earthbound is the very first game listed on this list that was actually available to the general population. It’s not difficult to find on the internet. However, it is very well-liked. It’s a different kind of RPG featuring everyday household items that can be used as weapons, as well as a humorous story. It is a favourite among fans.

4. Ogre Battle March of the Black Queen $62

Enix printed only the game in 25,000 copies which makes it a bit difficult to come across. It’s also a popular RPG critically, so many RPG gamers will pay more to play this unique game.

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5. Ninja Gaiden Trilogy – $60

Ninja Gaiden Trilogy has all three NES Ninja Gaiden games on one cartridge. It also has some slight visual improvements. The game wasn’t sold in the beginning, but many gamers want to play it now since it comes with three great titles for just the cost of just one.

6. Castlevania Dracula X – $59

Dracula X is the last Castlevania game that was released for the Super NES, and like many games in the series, the final game has the lowest sales. Collectors and Castlevania fans contribute to the cost of this unique game.

7. Harvest Moon – $57

Harvest Moon was released the same year that the Nintendo 64 came out so that many players were already on the next generation of consoles. This is why the game wasn’t able to sell a lot of copies. It’s the first game of the Harvest Moon series, so many players want to experience the title that began the whole thing.

8. EVO Find for Eden – $56

EVO isn’t a rare game in any way, but it is extremely popular among RPG enthusiasts. It’s a unique mix of role-playing and platforming and is highly regarded. Its popularity boosts the cost.

9. Chrono Trigger – $53

Chrono Trigger isn’t a rare game, not at all, but it’s one of the most popular games ever created, according to a variety of websites. The stellar cast of creators, a compelling storyline, and the gameplay make the game endure over time. A few editions of Chrono Trigger have fetched more than $1200 on eBay.

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10. Mega Man X3 – $49

X3 was among the only two games to utilize the special 3D chip used in SNES games. Since this chip made this game appear to be somewhat of a mystery and also has some of the most impressive graphics on the console, players will pay more.

You now know the most sought-after and expensive games that are available on this version of the Super Nintendo, be sure to look out for them while you’re out looking for games or clearing out your old games collection. It’s not a good idea to trade one of these for just a couple of dollars at a garage sale when it’s a valuable collectible.



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