10 Rare and Expensive Nintendo NES Games

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10 Rare and Expensive Nintendo NES Games

10 Rare and Expensive Nintendo NES Games

It is believed that the Nintendo NES was the first video game system that was used by many gamers. It’s a prized possession in gamers due to the fantastic gaming memories it brought. Certain NES games also are scarce and fetch some of the money that is available these days. Below is an inventory of the top ten most sought-after Nintendo games and the reasons they’re priced so high.

1. Nintendo World Championip Gold – – $10,000 Gray $4,000

Nintendo World Championship is the most expensive video game ever. It was created in the context of a massive video game competition Nintendo held in the year 1990. The winners were awarded a Gold cartridge, which means it is only available to 26 of them in the game. A grey cartridge was utilized for the contest, and there are 90 available. Both games are highly sought-after collectibles that fetch a massive profit on the resale market.

2. Bubble Bath Babes – $1,000

A game that was not licensed and released specifically for the Nintendo system. The game was released by Panesian and was intended for adults only. Nintendo did not allow them for release, but Panesian produced it regardless. The release was made by mail and likely had less than 1,000 copies sold.

3. Peek-A-Boo Poker – – $950

Another game that is unlicensed for adults on the NES. The game is a classic poker game that has several adult themes. It is only available through mail-order, and it is as popular in the same way as Bubble Bath Babes. The games are acknowledged to be not the best, but they are still sought-after by collectors due to being extremely uncommon.

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4. Myriad 6 in One $800

Myriad produced a set of six games on a single cartridge and released it without Nintendo’s approval. The company was bankrupted in the course of production and did not produce many copies. The same game was released as Caltron 6-in-One. It comes in different packaging but is still as scarce.

5. Cheetahman II. $400.

The last of the non-licensed games on this list are Cheetahman II, which was the sequel of a game that did not do well in sales. The company did not officially release the 1500 copies they produced, but they were sold to the general public later. The game is renowned for being among the most sloppy games ever produced. However, it is still sold for hundreds of dollars due to the fact that it’s so scarce.

6. Stadium Events – – $400

Stadium Events was made available to the audience, but it was recalled shortly thereafter to ensure that Nintendo could launch the game in the form of “World Class Track Meet”. The game was released in a limited edition of this game were released for players before being returned to the publisher and then destroyed.

7. Bubble Bobble Part 2 – $80

Bubble Bobble Part 2 was released near the close of the NES’s existence about almost two years later than the Super Nintendo was released. Because it was released at such a late date, the game did not do well. Many gamers had already made the switch to the latest games.

8. Little Samson – – $70

A fantastic platformer as Super Mario Bros, Little Samson did not find a fan base when it first launched and did poorly. The players now realize how great the game is and will pay an extra fee to play this fantastic game.

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9. California Raisins – $65

California Raisins was finished by its creator in the year 1991. However, it was never released commercially because the Raisin’s had waned in popularity at that point. There were a few copies that eventually were released to the public, but they are extremely uncommon.

10. Dragon Warrior IV – $55

The final Dragon Warrior game made for the NES system IV’s sales suffered due to the fact that it was released just after the people had moved onto Super Nintendo. Super Nintendo. Nintendo Power rated the game as the second-best game of the year it released however that didn’t boost sales.

You now know the most expensive and rare games available for Nintendo’s Nintendo NES; go check your collection and search garage sales for these gaming rareties.



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