Sonic Squared – Online and Offline Versions of Sonic the Hedgehog Games!

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Sonic Squared - Online and Offline Versions of Sonic the Hedgehog Games!

Sonic Squared - Online and Offline Versions of Sonic the Hedgehog Games!

Sonic is now a staple within the gaming world since it was among the first franchises that entered the game culture. The entire series revolved around a single character and the struggles he faces with his life as well as all things. These everyday exploits enabled the fans to follow the character through comics, games, movies, and now thanks to the internet and stories.

What Effect Can Fans Have On the All-Stars Series?

With the advent of the internet and gaming, it offers a new source of input as well as a potential base, as well as input for fans. Fans can use a variety of new methods to experience the lovable older blue hedgehog. Before the advent of the internet, it was difficult to find people who shared the same interests quickly and not nearly as large as they are today online. Internet users are able to create huge and lengthy story extensions based on recent stories and storylines through the different video games. They allow for a fresh and innovative take on each element of gaming. They also let future games be affected if the right story or concept is revealed in fanfiction.

Through this input from the fans, diverse elements can affect fan-created games that are inspired by games from the Sonic Universe. The games created by fans provide the same quality and enjoyment that allows players to become a part of the world and enjoy an old-fashioned piece that embodies Sonic in its most authentic and enjoyable original form. The fan-made games are works of affection and have the ability to not only focus on Sonic the character but instead on the various characters of the Sonic world, who may enjoy a loyal following.

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In recent times, the entire fan-made gaming world has grown exponentially as the internet becomes increasingly popular and more ideas and fans are being connected through popular social networks, and it’s only an issue of time until the next major Sonic phenomenon takes place. Fansites are an army of gamers who create new content and bring up new content associated with Sonic in the “professional non-fan” world.

What kind of influence Are Fan Sites Influenced?

Simply go to your preferred search engine, then dial the topic you’d like to search for. Sonic, for instance, will pull up a broad range of topics from fanfiction to gaming and even Sonic songs that are inspired by the Sonic. Fan websites produced some of the most awe-inspiring reviews a game could ever receive since the players themselves will keep playing the game well past the date of release. This recurrent interest propels a game or game series up to new levels and keeps sequels being released.

In recent years, the interest of fans across everything from sports to movies and so on has increased exponentially as new content is released each day. The material of fans also inspires enthusiasts in ways that can’t be replicated. The fans deserve just as much gratitude for the amazing Sonic culture as well as the creators of the beloved blue hedgehog.

Our gaming website to the adored video game the mascot Sonic The Hedgehog and all the FREE Online Flash Games that are in the spirit of his character. We offered some of the most popular games online for free Sonic games online and made them accessible to you for absolutely free with Sonic Games.

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Check out our Top Five Sonic Games:

1. Sonic The Hedgehog: Sonic The Hedgehog is the closest thing to a recreation of the iconic Genesis hit as you can get. Play this timeless classic Sonic The Hedgehog game.

2. Sonic Xtreme: Sonic has discovered a new world that is reminiscent of Super Mario World with bad characters from the Mario games. Let these Mario Goons that Sonic is serious about business.

3. Sonic Millionaire: Test your Sonic The Hedgehog knowledge in this Who Wants To Be A Millionaire game with the entire set of Sonic relevant trivia.

4. Metal Sonics Asteroid Blaster Metal Sonic is flying through space and eventually lands in an asteroid field. You have to assist him blasting his way through the field without being hit, or else it’s game over.

5. Kamakazi Hedchog: The awesome Sonic game comes with the blue version of Sonic The Hedgehog. Take on the evil players while avoiding all obstacles in this difficult Sonic game.


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