Top 10 NES Games of All Time

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Top 10 NES Games of All Time

Top 10 NES Games of All Time

The people who love these lists of top 10, and it appears that the NES one has been played to death. But I’m going to do one in the end. These are my personal favourites. I have set a few rules prior to picking these. First, I’m picking only one title per franchise. The second reason is that I’m picking games that are equally enjoyable whenever you revisit them and play the games again. I’ve been playing a good quantity of NES games recently, and some games don’t have the same fun as I remember them, and some are more enjoyable. Do you disagree with my selection? Create your own list, or write me a note to explain why you believe I’m wrong.

#10 – Bionic Commando (1988)

Bionic Commando is great. It can also be very frustrating. The concept is great… Kill Nazis (including the newly resurrected Hitler) while swinging with your bionic arms of yours. The game recently got an update on XBLA. I highly recommend downloading it since it’s worth every cent. It also features incredible music, and the mini-stages split the game into top-down angles.

The controls are difficult to master, you can’t leap, and the swinging must be controlled to perfection. Without getting into a rant, I’m not convinced that this game will be popular in today’s game culture. Gaming is too simple to play now, and gamers don’t have the patience to play games that require the process of resetting from the beginning. I hope that the rebirth of the games HD via XBLA will highlight the awesomeness of these games for younger players.

#9 – Rygar (1987)

Roger holds a special place in my heart because I feel as if I’m one of the few who won the game. The game had no save feature or password system. You must play the game completely, or you begin from scratch. It’s not a good idea.

But, the game moves very efficiently. The gameplay is amazing, and the primary weapon is a chain of rotating blades. Chains. I spent a whole time with one of my friends when we were kids to beat this game, and, once we had done it, this was the most satisfying feeling of achievement I’ve had from the game. NES game.

However, you should only install this game on an emulator or a 100 100% functioning NES console. If your console becomes unresponsive or doesn’t work for whatever reason (and we’ve all heard that it occurs frequently), You will need to begin from scratch.

I recommend staying off games like the PS2 as well as Wii sequels.

#8 – Battletoads (1991)

In terms of games that are frustrating, Battletoads kicked my ass. The game was made available to compete with the popularity of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. It’s an amazing game that has stunning graphics and particularly incredible animations that was made for NES. The controls were excellent, and the attack options were diverse. It was always thrilling to finish a combo with an oversized fist to the face, a big kick to the gut or ramming them with hugely the top sized ram horns, which inexplicably emerged from your toad in a moment.

The toads were based made of roids. This game completely blew Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles out of the water. The villains were funny, and the queen of evil was hot. The game was perfectly targeted for my age group. I was 12 when it was released. The names of the toads included Rash, Zitz, and Pimple. The immaturity of the toads has always been a draw for me (and I hope that it will always be)

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But, once you reach the speed bike level, you need to put padding on everything that is breakable because you’ll want to throw the controller. One strike, and you’re dead. And you have to learn EVERY move! It’s as if you are a Mike Tyson. Take a look at the stage below. Take a look around 3 minutes to get to the most enjoyable portion.

#7 – Tecmo Super Bowl (1991)

Does it make sense for an activity to be more enjoyable as time passes? If yes, this is certainly the perfect illustration. Simple, brilliant gameplay and the inexplicably endless zipping around make this an excellent choice. I am playing this game more frequently than any other sport I have on my wish list. There’s the reason it’s the only sport to be included. It’s fun!

It also comes with also the original NFL license (something the latest Nintendo DS version is missing). This game has the most special spot in my heart as it’s so old that the Buffalo Bills were actually an excellent team back in the day. It’s like half the players are either present or aspiring Hall of Famer (including the owner and coach).

Everyone seems to think they’ve figured this game out. My friends have “banned games”. Everyone has their preferred defensive player, and everyone believes they are in your head and pick the play. Everyone believes they are able to stop additional points (hint that you cannot get them! ).

This is the reason why this game is so great. It’s a play and goes game that will be as intense as you would like the game to become. There is one thing that remains constant in this game. ….. I always win, and the Bills are always great.

#6 – Ninja Gaiden (1989)

As I have viewed my current list, I’ve picked several pretty tough games. This one could be the one to be the best of them all. This game is sure to kick your arse.

A game that is hard to play wouldn’t be as great if it didn’t come with great controls. The controls of NES Ninja Gardens are super precise. The levels are lovely and varied, and the sub-guns are amazing. I enjoy playing jump rope with the big shooting star.

The bosses of the video game have a tough time, too. The game is a great experience in terms of audio and graphics and was the first game that I can remember having really high-quality cutting scenes that were cinematic.

The series is still in existence and playing well on Xbox 360 and Nintendo DS. The games certainly didn’t get any more simple. In fact, the Xbox 360 games took a leap in their difficulty.

#5 – Mega Man II (1989)

The Mega Man franchise is never going to be dying, with Sinic the Hedgehog churning out the same number of slick games as Mega Man.

It’s rather odd to see the video game franchise be at its peak this young in its lifespan, even with the sheer number of games. This is exactly what happened with Mega Man, however,

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Mega Man II is by far the most enjoyable game of the Mega Man. Mega Man II is by far the best game in the series (some believe that Mega Man the third game is better, and I’ll agree that it’s an excellent option). It’s not as challenging as the previous games on my list, but it is still a great test. A game that gave you a wide range of weapons was an interesting alternative to the typical NES game. It felt a bit like an RPG, as you were constantly upgrading your character.

The controls were superb also in this game, and the music is often referred to as one of the greatest ever.

I’m looking forward to playing the brand new Mega Man game that was released for play on XBLA as well as WiiWare. I’ve heard great things about it and am awed by the throwback to old school.

If you didn’t notice, the art on the box is also amazing.

#4 -Kid Icarus (1987)

The most intriguing thing for me regarding this game is why have 22 years gone by without any sequel?

Kid Icarus is such an amazing game. It’s never made sense to me, however. Why do we have to be angels fighting grim reapers floating around as well as blue penguins? Better answer… “who is paying attention?”

Like all really old NES games, the story is contained in the manual; however, who is reading the manual anyway? What I know is that this game screams. Its fantastic gameplay, character development with dungeons and flying stages, and laser-guided Arrows that shoot into Medusa’s sexy face.

It was a game I won completely and felt immense satisfaction in the process. This game is like Rygar with its mythological themes, a strengthening of your own character, excellent control, and difficulty. But this game is more challenging than Rygar, and you don’t have to start from scratch every time. Kid Icarus is one of the games that require passwords. Start by entering the longest password that is composed comprising a lower and upper case, and numbers. If you try 5 times trying to read your own handwriting, you’ll be able to succeed.

Then please turn this game into a Mario Sunshine like 3d game. Nintendo will have another quick game to play.

#3  The Legend of Zelda (1987)

You could tell that from the beginning of the game how great the game was going to be. It was packaged in a gold cartridge.

In the year The Legend of Zelda was released, no game like it existed before. There was no genre to describe the game. However, that’s not the case anymore, but it was not just outstanding. It was also the first to pioneer an entire category. The game’s pacing was awe-inspiring, and it became the basis for (in my belief) the most popular franchise in the history of video games.

Every Zelda game follows the same rules:

Find out more about the dangers and the source of the threat

-Enter dungeon

-Find unique weapons in the dungeon

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Use the weapon to gain access to new locations and takedown boss.

Get whatever the specific item for the game (in this instance, the Triforce)

It’s just so good. The greatest aspect of this title is the fact that it’s not the greatest game from the franchise. In fact, it’s most likely not even among the top five. It’s amazing how well this franchise is.

#2 – Super Mario Brothers 3 (1990)

It is, without doubt, the most enjoyable game on the NES. It’s usually at the top of every list in this top 10 list. But I do have one more game that’s one of my favourites. Perhaps I’m just trying to break out of the mould, or perhaps I’m just bringing the poop. It’s probably just a bit from column A and a bit out of column B.

The game was first introduced in the fantastic film, The Wizard; Super Mario Brothers 3 was a complete smash of the hype that was surrounding it. From top to bottom, this game is simply phenomenal. It took everything good about the previous two Marios and elevated them to about 10 levels. The first thing introduced during Super Mario 3 was ‘suits’. It was possible to be the Raccoon (tanooki) or the raccoon who transformed into the form of a statue, a frog or a boot, a Hammer brother. There are many possibilities. …. You could even fly as an animal friend. There are numerous shortcuts to take. The levels are separated into worlds. The world can’t be more diverse.

The bosses were children of Bowser. They flew over the castle in the world’s air with their wooden flying ships and then in their wooden tank convoy. The more I reflect on this game, the more I am aware of the amazing experience it provided. Before I can change my mind, I must go to my top NES game. …….

#1 Blaster Master (1988)

Before you slam me on this list, listen to me out. I’m sure that you’ll all be of the opinion that the previous games I’ve listed are all amazing in their own unique ways.

In the present, Blaster Master has taken all of my top features from previous games I’ve listed and implemented them into the game. Like Zelda, you can explore earlier areas whenever you want and look for areas you didn’t previously have access to. Similar to Mega Man, you gain abilities from bosses that you defeat. Similar to Rygar as well as Bionic Commando, you can play from the side-scrolling as well as top-down perspectives. Similar to Rygar, Ninja Gaiden, and Battletoads, the game is a challenge! Similar to all other games, The game is extremely well-designed and has great control.

Add all this together, and add tanks that jump to the next level, and you’ll have Blaster Master. This is an incredible game. The graphics are amazing for both side-scrolling as well as top-down views. If you play from the side-scrolling view, you are in control of the tank, but you can leave the tank at any time. The magnitude of the levels is evident as your little guy jumps out.

If all goes well, they’ll offer Blaster Master the Bionic Commando style facelift for XBLA.



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