Is the Xbox DDR Dance Pad You’re Using KILLIN’ Your Score? 3 Things You Need to Get the Best Pad

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Is the Xbox DDR Dance Pad You're Using KILLIN' Your Score 3 Things You Need to Get the Best Pad

Is the Xbox DDR Dance Pad You're Using KILLIN' Your Score 3 Things You Need to Get the Best Pad

Which Xbox DDR dance pad are you using? Is it the right choice for you? Does it score correctly for you when you click on the arrows? Are you dissatisfied because you’ve performed the perfect dance, but you still get an entry-level scorecard? Don’t worry…it’s probably that it’s nothing to do with you. It could be that the dance pad you’re using is the incorrect one. Discover the three factors you should know in order to purchase the right Xbox DDR dance pad that’s right for you.

1. For those who are in the early stages of DDR,

which is basically novice in playing the Dance Dance Revolution game, one of the most important items to be aware of is which pad is best for your player. There are numerous options to choose from. However, not all pads are compatible with the Xbox. Additionally, not all Xbox pads work with both Xbox and Xbox360. It is important to ensure that the pad you choose to use is compatible with the particular Xbox game player that you own.

2. The other thing to consider when choosing the Xbox DDR

dance pad is the amount of time you’ll be playing. If you aren’t planning to play regularly more frequently, the premium DDR pads might not be the right choice for you. It is best to determine before you buy the pad if a metal one is your ideal choice or if you prefer the cheaper soft/foam pad. This question is brought up by reviews that show foam pads can wear out with continuous use.

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3. One of the elements that determine a player’s skill, the price, is a major factor when deciding on your next Xbox DDR dance pad.

Metal pads are stronger and can endure the years. They are consistently rated high for their quality. But, the cost range for a metal pad could be anywhere from $500 to $800 dollars or less. Metal arcade-style pads could be priced as high as $1000. However, foam pads are less expensive than their price in the range of between $20 and $60. They’re not as durable; however, they provide the same fun for dance experts and novices who just want to dance.

The functionality is another aspect to think about as the lower pads don’t offer the same high-quality or choices as pads that start at around $30 and move up. However, for beginners, you can use a cheap pad that can provide the basic knowledge required to get started dancing.

The storage capacity of the Xbox DDR dance pad is crucial to know about. Metal pads are approximately 3′ x 3 square. They weigh about 40lbs and aren’t able to be folded into a compact size and put away. However, foam pads, despite having the same size and length, weigh a mere 8-10lbs. They can be easily kept during use…if there is downtime in playing the game.

These are the essential things to take into consideration when buying your Xbox DDR dance pad. Choose the best one so that you can find yourself “dancing like the star of the show” in just a few minutes.

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Participating in the Dance Dance Revolution game can be a lot of fun and extremely exciting…but when the dance pad you’re using does not give you the advantages you require to be more competitive and ruin your enjoyment of it. More details about dance pads are available on the Xbox DDR dance pad. Enjoy this game and find the best dancing pad.

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