How Do I Put Videos on My PSP? – Step-by-Step Guide

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How Do I Put Videos on My PSP - Step-by-Step Guide

How Do I Put Videos on My PSP - Step-by-Step Guide

The PSP is an amazing device. It lets you listen to the music you like, enjoy games, and watch videos. With the portability that is so amazing with the PSP, it is possible to carry it wherever you go at work, to trips for a visit to libraries (with headphones obviously), as well as to the bed. The capability to stream videos with a high-resolution resolution is an amazing benefit to users of this incredible device. You can view full-featured videos with the UMD discs. You can also transfer video files to your computer.

If you’re looking to transfer video files from your desktop or laptop system on your PSP but aren’t sure how to go about it, take a break. Here’s how in five simple steps:

Step 1: Buy the memory stick

To be able to perform any activity on your PSP, for example, watching films, listening to music, or playing games, your system has access to memory. Even though your PSP is equipped with a small memory card with 32 megabytes of information, it’s only enough to hold a limited amount of files. Also, it isn’t capable of handling videos lasting longer than a minute or more. Solution: purchase an individual stick. A 4GB stick is less than $15.

Step 2 to format Your memory stick.

It is necessary to create a format for the memory stick. Formatting is essentially a method to ensure that your memory stick is synchronized to your system. Formatting your stick:

A. Hold the Home key

B. Press the Left Arrow key several times until you reach the Settings screen.

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C. Click the Down Arrow multiple times until you can see the System Settings, Then press X.

D. Click to the Down Arrow multiple times until you can see the Format Memory Stick, then press the X

E. You must confirm your intention for formatting your stick using the Yes button (note that this action will erase any information that was previously stored on the memory stick in the event that you’re returning to an older memory stick)

Step 3 Connect the device with your PC:

To begin, you must switch the PSP in USB mode by following these steps:

a. Use the key Home to open the menu.

b. 2. Press the Left Arrow key repeatedly until you arrive at the Settings screen.

C. Press the Down Arrow multiple times until you can see the USB Connection setting, then press X.

Connect your PSP to your computer by using your supplied USB cable.

Step #4: Copy the video to your PSP:

To play the video in a proper manner order to play it properly, you’ll need to access the file on your memory stick that is called MP_ROOT, and then the folder inside it is named 100MNV01. If the folders you want to play do not yet exist, then you’ll have in order to make these. Please note that each video (M4V) or thumbnail (THM) files you put there needs to be named following the beginning of the file’s name must be M4V and must be finished with any 5 numbers (e.g. M4V67890).

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Step 5: You are now ready to view your newly-loaded video.

It’s done – now you can unplug your console into your PC and enjoy your video! Scroll towards the section for a video to see videos. Click X to play your video.

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