8 Greatest Video Game Villains

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8 Greatest Video Game Villains

8 Greatest Video Game Villains

Many games are focused too heavily on the hero, which means that the villain is left out and becomes dull and without personality. Today’s games need to add more depth to keep the modern ADD player engaged and content. This is my way of saying thank you to games with villains that are the same cool, perhaps even cooler than the hero.

8.) Final Fantasy 8: Seifer

Seifer is initially Squall’s friend in the SEED academy. He is the reason why Squall is left with the nasty scar. The friendship turns ugly, and Seifer is exposed for what he really is as an evil villain. I enjoyed the fact that Seifer was a regular-looking villain. He wasn’t a dancer (Kefka) or a sexy male blurring the lines between genders (Kuja).

7) Super Mario: Bowser

Although Donkey Kong may have been the initial enemy of Mario, Bowser was way more attractive, in part because it was a dragon, in the same way, that Donkey Kong was a mere monkey. Bowser was a dragon with his own minions, his own castle with spikes, and a shell that was spiked. He would always steal the show from Mario and his friends, particularly when he joined the team within Super Mario RPG since he was the most powerful player in the video game. I’ll not dwell on how ridiculous the look of him in the flying clown is.

6) Chrono Cross: Lynx

Lynx is a fascinating villain and a bi-pedal feline sporting a stylish outfit that appears to reflect the dark, gothic style as Dracula could wear. With the female clown Harle as a sidekick, Lynx was an almost Joker appearance to him. When Serge and he swap bodies, you are able to control Lynx for a certain portion during the gameplay, establishing a connection with the player.

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5) Resident Evil 5: Wesker

The first time you meet Wesker during Resident Evil, you become acquainted with Wesker’s character better during the 5th installment. Long coats and glasses are typical characters; however, Wesker is a superhuman power due to the virus that resides within his body. Chris, as well as Sheva, are his punching bags throughout the majority of the game, and Wesker shows off some impressive moves when he applies the sting on Chris and Sheva. Do yourself a favor and rent Resident Evil 5 if you want to enjoy the fight sequences of Wesker.

4) Baldur’s Gate: Sarevok

The introduction film of Baldur’s Gate introduces players to Sarevok and makes it clear that the player should not be dismissed lightly. Sarevok is the stepbrother to the protagonist and the killer of his adopted father Sarevok’s motives remain a mystery, and it’s up to the player to locate him and prevent him from completing his nefarious plans. A massive man who is clad in armor from head to toe, Sarevok is a challenge to take on.

3) Metal Gear Solid: Revolver Ocelot

The first time we meet, Ocelot is found in the well-known PlayStation game Metal Gear Solid, and it isn’t exactly a great experience, as he is able to have his arm severed from Grey Fox. However, Ocelot keeps it the old way with a six-shot gun, and the following games of Metal Gear games dive deeper into the character. Ocelot served as an agent throughout his time in the Cold War, and his marksmanship was comparable to Snake’s, even overtaking his. Only later in the story does the reader realize what part Ocelot is on, and the mystery surrounding Ocelot makes him top of my list of awesome villains.

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2.) Final Fantasy VII: Sephiroth

It’s incredible how Sephiroth is now a household name, even among people who have never played FFVII, and Sephiroth, the iconic villain, is the definition of cool. Everyone is a fan of Sephiroth, even though the character wants to take every mako on the world and then sail across the world using the back of it. What sets Sephiroth above the rest of the villains are the fight scenes that show his power and skillful swordplay, all the while retaining his confident confidence. No matter if it’s against Genesis, Zack, or Cloud, Sephiroth always puts the spotlight on his opponent.

1.) Knights of the Old Republic: Darth Revan

My top choice and is my top choice over Sephiroth mostly because the player is actually Darth Revan. However, he isn’t aware of that until later on in the game. Revan is among the coolest characters in Star Wars. Star Wars series, wearing the standard dark hooded costume and Boba Fett mask. This is an interesting moment in the game as you realize that you are this evil and dark character. The player has to decide whether or not they want to keep Revan’s dark reign and restore his power by defeating Dark Malak’s apprentice, or you could change your mind about the old ways and join the lighter aspect of force.

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