Best PS3 Games

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Best PS3 Games

Best PS3 Games

1. Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots

It’s possibly the best shooter game ever made. It continues and completes with the tale of Solid Snake, the super-tough soldier and secret operational. It offers thrilling real-time shooting, with a strong focus on sneaky maneuvering. Snake can defeat his formidable foes Liquid Ocelot along with Big Boss, at long last and stop the global economy that relies on continuous combat. The graphics may be the most stunning of any game, and the storyline is the perfect way to conclude the thrilling journey that is this epic adventure in the Metal Gear Solid series. Numerous review sites have given the game perfect scores, and it’s considered to be the best game of the franchise.

2. Fallout 3

The most exciting of Bethesda’s dystopian future action RPGs, Fallout 3, takes place in an uncontained Washington D.C./Chesapeake Bay region. The main player, which is completely customizable, escapes the security of the Vault where he or she lives to locate his/her father and escape the insane leader of the Vault. It has all kinds of customizable stats, including abilities and skills that permit you to design characters that match your needs. It comes with the V.A.T.S. system that makes use of “bullet timing” to allow you to focus on the weakest areas of the body of your opponent. Also, it has one of the more frighteningly adorable mascots of gaming: the smiling man in The Pip-Boy 3000. There’s plenty to accomplish with this title that you’ll likely never complete.

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3. Killzone 2

The most recent installment in the tactical third-person shooter PlayStation game line Killzone is a continuation from the two previous games in which players from the Interplanetary Strategic Alliance are sending operatives right into the enemies Helghast Homeworld to eliminate the leader of the alliance, Scholar Visari, to bring the war to an end. The game has stunning graphics for the system as well as thrilling gameplay that will have you sweating. The plot, while interesting, isn’t the greatest shooter game I have ever experienced, particularly in light of games like Metal Gear Solid and Resident Evil. However, the gameplay and multiplayer online are such fun that you’ll forget about the plot flaws.

4. Resident Evil 5

The most recent installment within the Resident Evil series, it has a variety of novel conventions for Resident Evil that Resident Evil 4 started, including the over-the-shoulder perspective and a greater focus on fighting on larger scales using various weapons. Also, it features the return of the male protagonist, Chris Redfield, and the continuing battle between him and the main antagonist of the series The Machiavellian Albert Wesker. It boasts one of the top graphics available on the PlayStation 3 and extremely fast-paced gameplay that will keep you moving.

5. Street Fighter IV

The most recent installment in the iconic fight game franchise, Street Fighter, and the latest numbered game to be released was released in the year 1999. The game keeps the practice of fighting in the 2D plane but with 3D graphics. It also includes new, unique attacks that are paired with the gameplay you have come to know and love from the previous games. The game features 19 returning characters and around half a dozen brand-new characters. While it doesn’t have numerous different game options, the gameplay is extremely solid; it has so many combinations choices that it’s an excellent entry in this long-running series.

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