Best Xbox 360 Games

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Best Xbox 360 Games

Best Xbox 360 Games

1. Bioshock:

The most popular video game in 2008, Bioshock is an action-packed first-person with RPG components set in a different version from the 1960s. A businessman has created the city of Rapture under the sea in which the best of mankind could be free from the shackles of the land and help advance humanity. Jack is one of the people who discovers himself trapped in Rapture following the crash of his aircraft crash, starts to uncover the truth about the city and his personal origins as he battles the gene-rewriting ADAM cell, as well as the enigmatic Little Sisters and the enormous and terrifying Big Daddies. The plot is extremely engaging and focuses on the moral choices with varying outcomes, all of which are deeply emotional. It’s terrifying, thrilling and among the greatest video games ever made.

2. Halo 3:

The final game in the Halo trilogy that chronicles the battle between the cybernetically-enhanced Master Chief and the United Nations Space Command and the theocratic group of aliens called the Covenant. Master Chief is defeated by the high prophet to defeat the High Prophet of Truth as well as the Gravemind finally. The game balances the triangle of weapons of the two previous games and gives players the ability to use dual-wielding guns. Additionally, there are new weapons and other equipment that provide additional benefits. It is able to carry on the thrilling story and gameplay of earlier games without degrading what made them unique while building on the existing features, such as the capability to edit multiplayer maps.

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3. Gears of War 2:

The sequel to the first person/science fiction tactical shooter franchise, Gears of War, focuses on the battle between humanity and the alien Locust Horde following the explosion of the Lightmass Bomb in the previous game. Marcus Fenix and Dominic Santiago continue to fight the Locust as they battle another threat: the affected Lambent Locust. The creatures have been severely altered and forced the Locust from their underground dwellings. The plot is interesting, but the final scene is a bit stale. But, the numerous new multiplayer modes, as well as many innovative weapons, will make it a great purchase for anyone who owns the Xbox 360.

4. Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare

The next installment in the first-person shooter with a military theme game series, Call of Duty. A coup d’etat in the Middle East combined with an extremist movement that is erupting in Russia resulted in the involvement of American Marines as well as members of the British Special Air Service, leading to a complex battle for both the military and political aspects of the future of the world. The story’s plot is captivating, while the protagonists are well-developed and intricate. The gameplay is thrilling, but it’s nothing that genre fans have not seen before. Furthermore, the game’s numerous options and multiplayer modes make it a cult game for the console.

5. Mass Effect:

An American action-based RPG Mass Effect is about the future when humanity has reached the stars. On a quest to discover the history of an extinct race Commander Shepard the main character, who can be made a customizable character, becomes entangled in a complex, political, and evolutionary power game that includes creatures that are inorganic, referred to as the Reapers and the force universally known as The Mass Effect, the game’s version that of dark matter. The game is mostly geared toward action shooters, with a focus on the choice of morality NPC interactions. It’s a highly engaging game that is full of amazing science fiction concepts, and the game’s world is so rich that you can get lost.

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