Grand Theft Auto – San Andreas – Secrets

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Grand Theft Auto - San Andreas - Secrets

Grand Theft Auto - San Andreas - Secrets

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is a huge game that has a lot of detail, considering its size. It has been criticized by many across the world due to its violent content and the ability to commit virtually any crime, GTA: San Andreas has many intriguing secrets that are not discovered by the average gamer. Below is an overview of the secrets that are found in the game.

Chiliad Challenge – Easy Win

One of the most difficult games to master is the downhill race on a pushbike in Mount Chiliad. If you attack your opponents, it could result in instant exclusion, but in the event that you target your opponents using grenades, the race will be fine. This way, it’s possible to completely eliminate competition and enjoy the chance to win easily.

No Stars Wanted when Blowing up vehicles.

If you’re on a helicopter fitted with a chain gun, you can detonate any vehicle that is not attracting the attention of the police. This is even if police officers are behind the vehicle that you blast. If you don’t hurt pedestrians or police vehicles with a single bullet, it is unlikely that you will be a target for police.

Repay Debt Fast

If you’ve gotten yourself into debt due to the casinos, however, you’ve gone, you can manage to get your counter back to zero quickly. The trick to do this is to identify an unusual jump that you’ve not yet completed. Complete the jump, and you’ll be rewarded. The jump will cause your money counter to be reset to zeros. You can then get more cash.

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Infinite Money

This is a straightforward method that is achievable from the beginning. By visiting Inside Track Betting and betting on horse races, you could become a millionaire prior to the start of your first mission. To achieve this, you must place your bets on the horse that has the lowest odds and with no more than 10 percent of your total stake. Keep doing this each race, and eventually, you’ll be able to win one or two races, and you will notice a significant increase in your winnings. Odds of 12/1 could pay $12,000 with just a $1000 investment. It is possible to repeat this at any time during the game in order to make more cash.

Have your picture taken

To have your photo taken, you’ll require a camera and the ability to find a homie. After you have enlisted homilies, get the camera and go up to your group member. The message should be displayed on the screen. When you hit L1, you’ll be able to take an image of yourself. This is a very neat aspect of the game.

Enhance the Weapon Skills

The most efficient way to get to hitman-level using every weapon you own is to shoot the same tire on the vehicle. You’ll receive one skill point for each bullet put into the tire, regardless of what time you fire the tire. A thousand bullets are the minimum you require to achieve hitman status using any weapon.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas contains a wealth of secrets in its game world, and exploring each one of them would take a lot of time. Check out these secrets to explore if you can uncover more.

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