Wii Games – Tips and Tricks

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Wii Games - Tips and Tricks

Wii Games - Tips and Tricks

Everyone would like to win in Wii sporting games, don’t they? Perhaps it’s not really about winning all the time. Perhaps it’s about getting the best scores rather than bringing the score to the top.

Perhaps you’re just looking to master some new techniques. There are many ways to beat Wii games. Here are some tips and tricks that you can explore.


How to Play Curveball:
Press the A button as well as play. Press the B and A buttons. This will throw the ball in a curve.

How to Throw a Fast Ball:
Click the 2 buttons for the ball to move at 72 miles per hour.

Pitching Tips:
Press A and B to throw a splitter ball. This ball is tough to hit and also strikes people since it’s directed towards their feet.

How To Pitch Underhand:
Press on the 2-button to make a throw with an underhand baseball. Change back to pitching with the overhand ball by holding down 1.

How to Receive Red Bats? Red Bat:
Press one of the buttons, A and 2 buttons, as the screen is loading, and the bat will turn red.

How to Throw a Strike-Out Pitch:
Press the 2 buttons, as well as the left and right buttons (not simultaneously), to throw an out-of-bounds ball. For example, if you press the 2 buttons, it will throw lower and more difficult for the player to strike.

Tips for TENNIS

Alternate Color of Court:
If you begin an activity of Tennis or after clicking “Start Over’ on the screen for selecting the position, Hold down the 2 buttons. The tennis court will change to blue. When you begin playing when the screen goes black, press the 2 buttons until your screen is gone. The court will appear identical to the one that you play in Returning the Ball (training mode). There won’t be any spectators, but you’ll hear them cheer, clap or shout.

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Change the Color of The Tennis Court:
If you would like to change your tennis court from blue to a court, hold and press down the number 2 on the screen warning. The screen will show after you’ve selected the characters.

How to Create the Power Shot:
When you are served, you should hit the ball from its highest point, then swiftly engage your wrist. A white smoke puff will be released from the ball, and it is hard for opponents to return or hit the ball.

How to Watch A Tennis Match:
If you’re planning to play tennis, you must decide the best way to play (such as the best of three). Make all players unidentified, then select one match, and then you can see them play.

How to Perform A Cross-Court Hit
Pressing button “B” button can trigger the hard cross-court volley.


You can swing the Wii remote up as you hold down to the B button. Move the remote downwards before releasing the B button.

How to change the color of your Bowling Ball:
If the screen fades to black to bowl, keep the control pad in the following positions in order to get the colors of the bowling ball that are indicated Control Pad Up Blue Ball Control Pad Right Gold Ball and Control Pad Left: Red Ball The Control Pad is Down Green Ball.

How to Get A Bowling Ball Specially Designed:
It is necessary to get to the level of professionalism to unlock the bowling ball, which features diamond patterns on it.

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How to Keep the Crowd occupied While Bowling:
It is possible to make the crowd laugh. Make sure to go to one of the gutters on your lane, then turn to the other lane, and then bowl in a way that it goes over the wall in between the lanes. The ball will end up in the gutter in the other lane, which will cause the audience to be laughing.

How to Throw Your Ball In the Wrong Lane!
You can put your ball in another lane by holding down the A button and then sliding towards the left as you are able. The ball will travel across the lane to the left of yours.

How to scare the crowd:
Begin with the regular bowling motion, then release the ball at its back. The ball will bounce back while the audience will leap and shout.

90 Pin Strike
Note: This feature will be available only during the final phase of the contest. It is possible to receive an automated 91-pin strike when you play the final session of Power Bowling. The ball should be thrown onto the left or right rail (depending on the case of whether you’re left or right-handed) in a way that it remains in the rail. If the ball is at an endpoint and isn’t falling off, you’ll hear a “click” and then an explosion. The shock wave causes all the pins to go down.

Golf Tips:

How to play Wii Golf without Maps or Meters:
The power meter, the map, along with the indicator for wind speed, is able to be removed by holding and pressing the two buttons. Make a selection on the “Select a course” screen.

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How to Win Every Time:
Move your body from side to side like you were avoiding. You can swing your arms when you are hit by a ball in slow-motion.

Good boxing skills:
Do you notice how the Wii hands aren’t attached? Make sure you punch towards your back. If you do it correctly, it will be a Wii fist that will swoop over your opponent and then sock him (or him) right on the temple! Punches and uppercuts to the legs are effective punches too.

How to get Silver Gloves:
After you’ve defeated Matt (the Grand Champion), you’ll be able to wear silver gloves. To obtain silver gloves, press the 1 button until the screen goes black prior to an actual boxing match.



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