How to Burn Xbox 360 Games

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How to Burn Xbox 360 Games

How to Burn Xbox 360 Games

In this article, I’d like to weigh some of the advantages and disadvantages of video games designed for children because, despite all the negative publicity that video games are subject to, especially with regard to children, I believe that they have the potential to do lots of positive things.

Cons and Cons of Video Gaming for Kids

Beginning with the obvious reasons parents often cite as the reason for not allowing their children to engage in video gaming, likely top of the list is the fact that it’s extremely harmful to their eyes. With the latest wave of televisions with high-vision capabilities, I’m not sure if the eye damage is as serious as that of the older cathode-ray televisions, but I’m certain that it’s not all bad for the eyes. And this isn’t only a concern for kids as well. It would be fantastic that a TV screen could be designed to not be so detrimental… and at the very least, not in the way that irreparable damage can be done. If this issue can be addressed, it will make a significant amount of the sting from the discussion.

Another reason is the fact that video games harm their brains. In this case, I’d be inclined to say that it all depends on the game, but because of the inability to take responsibility from the game’s makers, their negative image is definitely earned. If the quality of games were a little better and with a lesser amount of violence and destruction, maybe parents wouldn’t be so in opposition to the concept.

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The third point is the fact that time spent playing these games is a snare from the time kids could be doing real activities, learning, or having fun with their families or friends. Children are nowadays so busy that time management is an issue for even 2-year-olds. But with the right balance of schedules, I’m certain there’d not be a necessity to denounce the entire idea of children playing games solely because of that.

This is the Pros of Video Gaming for Kids

In a discussion of some pros of kids playing video games, I’d like to draw some inspiration from my own experiences playing games with video when I was a child. One of the things it taught me was binary logic and hand-eye coordination. These two skills have proven vital throughout my life, and either of them merits further research into this.

In the context of binary logic playing the first video games, I began to grasp the concept of processing yes/no. Since the basis of all computers is this concept, it helped me learn to master personal computers later in my life. The way electrical devices operate and mechanical systems function can be gained from this basic understanding. Through playing video games, it was taught to me with no studying… that is a very difficult method to comprehend its significance.

In the second, with regards to hand-eye coordination, these early games helped me develop my reflexes and my response speed to the point that they’re now an asset to be taken seriously. It has also been an invaluable asset throughout my life.

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Locating that Middle Ground: Pro meets Con.

I’d like to propose an idea for a solution based on the assumption that TV makers offer a natural alternative in their present offerings, and it is within the realm of education.

The term “edutainment,” as you may have imagined, is the combination of education and entertainment. If the games were developed in a way that taught something and game creators took some degree of responsibility for the games they created, there could be a huge category of video games that hold immense worth.

In subsequent articles, I will explore this concept of education in greater depth, but I think it’s the direction that video games have to be taking to be more accepted… Anything less and the disadvantages will be more significant than the benefits, which makes video games an endangered species.



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