The Best Super Nintendo RPGs of All Time

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The Best Super Nintendo RPGs of All Time

The Best Super Nintendo RPGs of All Time

Chrono Trigger

Chrono Trigger pushed the envelope for the traditional RPGs by adding the concept of time travel as an integral aspect of the game. It also succeeded in providing elements that appealed to kids and adults alike, which is the reason Chrono Trigger became the huge classic it is now. Add vibrant graphics, an infinite number of different endings, as well as a myriad of characters, and you’ve got a game that is played by a lot of people to this day.

Breath of Fire II

This sequel of the Breath of Fire series tops the list due to it being far more in-depth with character stories. The protagonist Ryu has to lose his parents when he is a child and is joined by his dog, Bow. Together, they are part of the Rangers and work odd jobs to earn small amounts of money. The plot gets more complicated, and Bow is forced to stay in a cave while Ryu sets out on his quest.

Mana’s Secret Mana

This game removes the monotony of turn-based combats by allowing them to be played live in real-time. The enemies are shown on the screen, and you are able to fight them without switching screens and switching sides. The protagonist finds the old mana sword, rusty and old, that seals his destiny and the role of the one who will slay the evil awakening that is threatening the entire world. The variety of weapons you can choose from makes combat more exciting, even if the inventory screen requires some time to get familiar with.

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Secret of Evermore

The RPG is very similar in style to Secret of Mana in look and feel. Battles take place in real-time, and dungeons are finished by defeating the monster of the night. Your dog’s appearance is based on the game’s setting. The first level is a prehistoric one which means that your dog is like a big wolf, and then later, in a futuristic scenario, your dog transforms into the kind of machine which shoots lasers.

Final Fantasy III

The game marked a significant leap in graphics. The games before it featured tiny, oddly shaped characters, and the world was not as it was. FF3 brought not only amazing detail to the towns and surrounding regions but also more principal characters than we are used to. Characters such as Cyan, Saban, Setzer, and Shadow each had their own storyline that tied into the battle to be defeated by Kafka.

Lufia II Rise of the Sinstrels

Lufia II can be described as an ephemeris to the first Lufia game. The original Lufia begins with Maxim and his comrades fighting the four centers. Lufia II brings you back to tell the story of Maxim, the hero Maxim. This is your usual RPG combat, with turn-based battles, towns, dungeons, and towns and the inability to run.

Super Mario RPG

Perhaps my most favorite game that has words like Mario in it. Super Mario RPG takes Mario from the side-scrolling platform game we’re familiar with and puts Mario into an RPG, and it’s a hit. The graphics are breathtaking for the time, and the world is bright and vibrant and vibrant, as Mario’s world Mario should be. While playing, familiar characters will be part of your team, such as Bowser and Peach, as well as new faces such as Mallow as well as Geno.

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