The 5 Best Legend of Zelda Games

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The 5 Best Legend of Zelda Games

The 5 Best Legend of Zelda Games

5.) Minish Cap Minish Cap

I was really impressed with this game as it featured something unique that set it apart from various games of the. The graphics looked stunning when played on Game Boy Advance. Game Boy Advance and the capability to allow Link to shrink himself in order to be able to access specific zones was a great addition to the game. Although the gameplay and dungeons are very similar to previous games, this did not appear to be boring. The game starts in the middle of a festival, and someone takes an enchanted sword and which threatens the security of the entire world. Link’s task is to retrieve the sword back using an apron which shrinks him to go to tiny towns which are populated by Pissouri

4.) An Access Point to the Past

If you own a SNES, there’s no reason not to own this game. It is the ultimate Zelda game with bows, rupees, bombs, along the master sword. Link can change into a world that is light and darkness, with dark being the realm in which evil has taken over. A link appears a bit odd when playing this one. However, the SNES graphics look nice. The typical dungeons filled with puzzles are the norm in Link.

3.) Twilight Princess

I was very happy that the creators didn’t go to those cell-shaded Windwaker graphics in this game and created an entire world from Zelda exactly how they wanted it to appear. The controls are similar in experience to N64 titles, which takes me back to my childhood and the experience is as much of a novel in the same way as an action-adventure game.

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2.) Ocarina of Time

This game introduced people into the realm that is Hyrule in 3D, and it certainly looked better. Link returns to save Zelda and protect all of the planets from Gannondorf while exploring dungeons, meeting the locals, and taking Epona out for a drive. The thing that makes it to the next level is that Link can travel forward and backward for seven years. This is essential to acquire abilities and items within a single time and utilize these at another time to enhance the story. Real-time battles are always more enjoyable than turn-based battles. That’s why they’ve provided Zelda games a massive edge over other games of the same genre.

1.) Majora’s Mask

There is no way to equal the depth the game offers. The town of Clock Town is threatened by the moon, and Link utilizes the song to change events for three days. Clock Town is a colorful and diverse region that has a myriad of quests to be completed. What makes it more challenging of the game is that certain events occur on specific dates during the three-day period. They must be activated to complete specific tasks. For instance, getting the bunny ears that permit Link to run faster is a sequence of tasks that need to be completed at a specific time in order to trigger the formal events. Because of the aspect of time, you could constantly be rewinding back in time to finish the correct quest.


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