The Best Nintendo 64 Games of All Time

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The Best Nintendo 64 Games of All Time

The Best Nintendo 64 Games of All Time


The James Bond game, based on the movie of the same name, had the best single-player experience; however, the thing that made it stand out is the multi-player. Players had the option of choosing among a variety of characters that were featured in prior Bond films and massive levels that made the time fly when playing with three others. One of my personal favorites is”Man with the Golden gun, in which one player receives the golden gun, and the rest of the player team up with the player.

Zelda Ocarina from Time

It was the very first time that players were introduced to the Zelda game played in 3D, and it was great. Apart from having excellent graphics, Zelda came with a standard set of games that kept players’ minds functioning. A unique aspect of Zelda was the ocarina tunes that produced various effects, such as that of “time which could send Link’s young Link seven years in the future, where he’s grown up and able to wield the sword of mastery and shield in the right way.

Wave Race

This was a game that was one of a kind that introduced many people to jet skiing. The intro level demonstrates how enjoyable and relaxing the game can be. Every character has strengths and weaknesses, and the stories are plenty of fun to discover, and the various actions are enjoyable to perform and even wipe out.

Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire

Dash Rendar is the main character in the Star Wars game, and it contains a lot of everything in it, such as racing gangs of speeders, being the captain of the Millenium Falcon, and getting AT-AT to crash with a tow cord. Even if you’re not an avid Star Wars fan, this game is fun as there are so many aspects connected to it, and each level is exciting and different.

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Majora’s Mask

The sequel to the Zelda series for the N64 This game is an absolute masterpiece that is up to the standard set by the Zelda series. The most innovative feature of the game is the vast range of masks. The link will be able to put on, all of which have a unique ability that is gained by wearing the mask. The game is exciting as the whole village is reset every three days, and it’s the responsibility of Link to keep the village safe from the cycle of endless repetition by conquering dungeons and a plethora of fun adventures.

Quest 64

Brian, the main character Brian is a remarkably tiny main character that has fantastic abilities. The game is straightforward and transparent in its RPG aspects. Battles are random turns, and battles earn you points of experience that you can assign to magical elements such as water or fire to boost the effectiveness of the spells. In between dungeons, you go to several towns to replenish your inventory with more powerful items.

Mario Kart 64

A classic multiplayer. Mario Kart is still played by many people, and bringing four players together playing with four different colored blocks is bound to be a blast. What is what sets Mario Kart apart from your typical racing game is that it is a multiplayer game with level and the use and use of objects that give you an edge ahead of the competition.

Harvest Moon

One of my most loved series, Harvest Moon, seems like it’s not for everyone’s favorite However, just wait a while and it will start to woo you. This is the ultimate relaxation game. If you’ve been through been working hard or at school, just pop this cartridge in the old’ N64, and you’ll realize how much fun it is to work the land, brush cows, and send flowers to the village girl that you’ve got an eye on. What I really like about this game is how distinct Harvest Moon is from any other game.

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Super Mario 64

The game took Mario 3D and made it an entire lot more fun than the 2D games. You control Mario as you explore a massive castle that has paintings on its walls. When you jump into these paintings, it starts levels in which you must locate all the stars that belong to the zone. My most favorite part was playing on the turtle’s shell and obtaining the hat that has wings that let you fly through throughout the entire area.



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