Top 5 PS3 Games

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Top 5 PS3 Games

Top 5 PS3 Games

Metal Gear Solid 4:

The last game that is supposed to feature Solid Snake (unless the price is just right for Kojima, I’m pretty sure) the game is a complete blowout of every previous installment in the series. I would argue that it’s the best game in the series and that many will agree. The graphics were stunning, and the story was rich and complex, and many old friends came to assist Snake throughout the journey. The only thing I’d alter is the Snake’s outfit as I was a bit bored of the way it is so tight around his butt. It made me think of the Simpson’s episode featuring Flanders wearing a ski suit.


Think of Assassin’s Creed meets rush hour traffic. The Empire city is being quarantined, and everyone is going crazy and especially those with extraordinary abilities. You’re a man known as Cole who has the power to control electricity. The game offers you a range of options to use the power of electricity regardless of whether you’re taking the soul away from the face of a civilian or flying off buildings like a flitting squirrel. It’s fun to make a difference between good and evil (hence the title, which is notorious), and you can learn new skills possible depending on your personality. The end truly blew me away, making it a fantastic experience from start to finish.

Resident Evil 5:

Chris Redfield is back, and this time is bringing the battle against zombies to Africa. It’s the Resident Evil series, for me, is one of those games that aren’t always shining; several games that bear the name are released but don’t really gain a lot of attention. This game is an excellent character in the series and offers a variety of significant elements in one. Over the years, players have become quite numb to games that evoke horror following the release of Silent Hill and Resident Evil However, RE5 is a return to the past and reminds us of the small, closed zones where zombies could leap out at any time. In addition, add another character, whether another player or an NPC and the game only increases the fear, particularly when it comes to the chainsaw and executioner scenes.

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Fight Night Round 4:

I am afraid that should I ever go in a boxing ring, the opponent might cut my nose. These fears are alleviated by the knowledge that I don’t need to go into a call to try the sport. I am awestruck by the sheer fun out of the game. Boxing games were either cartoonish (remember the one on PS2 where you had the option of boxing the bear?) or were rife with issues that rendered them ineffective. The game takes realism to the next level. The gameplay is highly intuitive, and figuring out the controls is simple to learn but hard to master. It’s almost harrowing to watch boxers pound themselves into an unconscious coma. The slow-motion, the spittle flying replays, and thank God that they’re not real.

“Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2:

The game is still to be announced, but the numerous gameplay trailers at the upcoming E3 have created lots of excitement. If the previous games from the Call of Duty franchise are an indication of the kind of story and gameplay, we can anticipate the game will not disappoint fans.



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