Top PS3 Games For Christmas 2009

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Top PS3 Games For Christmas 2009

Top PS3 Games For Christmas 2009

The year 2009 was a record season for PlayStation 3, especially with the launch of its Slim version. With Christmas just around the corner and a variety of games, developers are promoting their games to the consumers. For those in the UK, these games are likely to appear in the Christmas stockings of many and are highly recommended for anyone who is planning to give the PlayStation 3 game as a gift.

The Shooter Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

The sequel has already broken a number of sales records and made 310 million within its first day after the game’s release. This is a battle game that lets you be part of an anti-terrorist group that is trying to defeat Russian ultranationalists. The missions require you to move between Rio de Janeiro, Afghanistan, and Russia, in which you’ll be driving a snowmobile over a cliff rock or flying drones while hiding beneath a kiosk in the midst of a petrol station that is surrounded by bullets. The second significant aspect of the game is multiplayer combat which is performed by connecting to PlayStation Network. PlayStation network. Also, make sure either you or the person who you’re buying the game for is connected to Internet access.

Soccer: FIFA 10

As the majority of parents and children are interested in soccer across this country in the UK, FIFA 10 will be a viral present. The action-packed football game comes with excellent graphics, physics, and a more efficient control system that includes 360-degree dribbling. The AI will ensure that teammates and opponents remain close to the ball and move with precision. Multi-player lets you play all on the console; when you’ve got internet access, you can connect with players from all over the world if you’d like.

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The Action and the Puzzle Uncharted 2: Among Thieves

The version of Drakes Fortune is termed a “character-driven storyline’ game. You play as the principal character Nathan Drake through gunfights, treasure hunting, and leaping trucks, complete with destructible terrains, and as he tries to unravel the mystery surrounding Marco Polo’s final voyage. There are even more problems to be solved, and parkour and stealth-based tactics to help you deal with augmented artificial intelligence. Additionally, you can play with a friend in an online co-operative mode. This game will force you to think about your choices and not be an action-packed game.

The Action Assassins Creed II

Another sequel has a more profound and more complex story. The player is Ezio Auditore, who wants to get revenge on the culprits accountable for his family’s disgracing during the 15th century in Italy. It’s more fluid than the previous version and lets you wander through the cities, meet historical people like Leonardo da Vinci, and explore iconic sites like St Mark’s Basilica. The missions are more varied, and combat has been improved by introducing a greater variety of weapons.

Racing: The need to be able to Speed Shift

If you’re not able to be patiently waiting until Gran Turismo 5 to be released, Need for Speed Shift is an option worth considering as it includes a variety of choices that make this edition of the Need for Speed franchise one step ahead of previous editions. The cockpit/in-car view creates an experience rather than an arcade. The screen, for instance, blurs the cockpit and will zoom in on the road ahead as it attempts to recreate your eyes’ focus on the distance when you speed up. The cars are accurately rendered using a modern graphics engine, which means NFS is an excellent choice for people who are looking for racing games to play during the Christmas season.

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