Favorite in Game Enemies

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Favorite in Game Enemies

Favorite in Game Enemies

Over the years, we’ve witnessed a variety of adversaries, all with a single goal in mind. In an attempt to stop us from achieving our objectives.


I am delighted after blowing away a couple of ligaments zombies that are all running towards you and trying to tear you apart limb from limb. It’s also thrilling to watch their heads being blown off in a range of different ways. I’m not sure of the number of the zombies of Left 4 Dead 1/2 I have killed, but it is likely to be in the several hundred thousand. It’s crazy how much fun it is. What’s the most remarkable thing about all? It’s that they don’t usually travel on their own. I find it thrilling to watch thousands of people rushing towards you, armed with an enormous machine gun, eager to pour the lead in their ranks. Left 4 Dead and the zombie’s mode in Call of Duty World at War revived the craze of zombie blood. I cannot look forward to more and better zombie-killing games.


Police are now difficult to manage. There are many different kinds of police that could cause problems for you. Riot shields, stun grenades, smoke grenades. Yes, you know who I’m talking about. SWAT police. They are not only superior to your typical policeman, but they’re also more equipped. I believe this is where that old adage comes into play – the more powerful their size, the worse they fall. You notice that you get more satisfaction dealing with a small number of SWAT members than with any other police officer.

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Although they’re not actually an enemy, We thought we’d place them here in case. We all know the pleasure it brings to shoot two RPGs at the crowd of civilians in games such as Grand Theft Auto 4. They don’t even fight back in a big fight. Usually, they employ a tactic similar to fighting for their lives. However, shooting a few sniper rounds is usually enough to bring them to the point of a shooter.


Most likely, some of the well-known game foes, which are portrayed in games such as Medal of Honor, Call of Duty, and many more… The guns are typically transported in large bags. Incorporating buildings by using heavy machine guns and sandbags these guns can cause issues. However, never worry about your reliable M1 being always nearby! Call of Duty World at War is possibly the most well-known recent instance of a game where the killing of Nazis is an integral part of the Raison d’etre. The compelling story and the tremendous multiplayer have indeed revived a genre that has been filled with poor WW2-themed games.


These guys are now available in a variety of dimensions and shapes. Don’t let yourself be swayed by the stereotype of tiny green creatures. From large and terrifying creatures such as in Alien vs. Predator to remote and bizarre – Halo ODST, these characters can pose challenges which the other players on this list are unable to. It requires a lot of skill to beat some of the most prominent characters, as well as an adequate amount of ammunition. In some ways, these guys are among the most dangerous of the bunch.

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The Grand Theft Auto series has added a variety of foes to the scene. Gangsters are one of the most prominent. GTA3 will bring back images of the boss from the mafia who tried to control Liberty City. However, it’s not only GTA that has tapped into their potential as an adversary in the game. It’s not surprising that Mafia 2 have also exploited their capabilities in order to make a title that just smacks of authenticity.



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