Wii Fitness Games – Top Three Titles

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Wii Fitness Games - Top Three Titles

Wii Fitness Games - Top Three Titles

As a child, we did not have video games in our home, as my mother was against any of them on the basis of principle. If the Wii fitness games were in the early days, I would have been able to get more support for a gaming system that was entirely my own.

Wii Fit is a pretty impressive device. I’m a fan of anything that can inspire people to be active, and when it was first introduced to the market, I was excited.

Its Wii Fit balance pad comes with a wide range of games, which vary in difficulty and intensity. For games like Ski Jump, Soccer Heading, or Hula Hoop, you have to utilize a mix of control and balance on the pad in order to make your character appear on the screen. This kind of balance exercise is enjoyable for all ages group and, with a degree of concentration, these games can be great exercise routines.

Of course, choosing the “best of” out of the many choices isn’t easy. However, these are the games I believe have a place among the top in my Wii Fit experience.

1.) Hula Hoop

If you’re concerned about looking silly in your living space, it’s probably not the best game to get off to a good start. If you’re just looking to play and burn some calories, I highly suggest this game. While on the balance board, you’ll move your hips in a simulation hula-hooping motion while you watch your Wii character (called Mii) Mii) is hooting on screen.

To keep the game interesting to test balance little, you need to move your arms upwards and then lean forward to “catch” additional hoops when they are thrown your way. Circles are awarded points for being quick. The more rings you can catch, the more you will be able to.

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2) Penguin Slide

Personally, my most favorite of the games that are fun (as opposed to the exercise game that we’ll come to in a second) are Penguin Slide. In this game of balance, it’s the aim to turn an iceberg to the point to ensure that the penguin Mii, who is standing on it, can take fish out into the water. If you make a sudden move as well as tilting the iceberg too far, the penguin could slip off of the edge.

There’s even a clever way to catch a large fish that jumps off and hangs in the air instead of floating into the iceberg, like the other. It’s true, and The Penguin Slide can be pretty thrilling.

3.) Rhythm Boxing

If you’re a traditionalist and enjoy the mind-body coordination that is required in the majority of group cardio classes, you should give this one a shot. Rhythm Boxing requires you to hold the remotes in your hands and then throw punches when you step from and onto the balance boards. The choreography isn’t too tricky, but it does feel like an intense workout.

Your Mii is a virtual trainer that guides your Mii through a variety of punch-step combinations, and the sound it makes when you hit a target is nearly (kind of) like hitting an actual bag. The combination of cardio and core exercises was enough to make me sweat after only a couple of rounds. I also love the fact that the game grants you points for punches that are harder. (Yes, it is possible to detect.)

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There are exciting new challenges through playing Wii Fit: whether you increase your score or not. Every exercise or game is timed while the program keeps a running count of how long you’ve been working out at any time. While it may not offer you the most effective exercise of your life, Wii Fit really does provide something for everyone, and it’s a unique method to get people moving.

What of these Wii fitness games are your current most loved?

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