PES 2010 – What is the Best Formation?

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PES 2010 - What is the Best Formation

PES 2010 - What is the Best Formation

Do you need ideas to improve your Formation in PES 2010? Are you having trouble dominating multiplayer games?

Realizing that the once-effective form you used all those years no longer works?

Need some help deciding the best formation for dominating every match with any team?

The best formation can give you an edge over your competitor. PES 2010 allows players to design their ideal shape. You can use your creativity to tweak our tactics. Each member of the team has a unique formation that suits their style of play and best suits them.

After much research and experimentation, I have come up with the ultimate formation. This, along with some tactical gameplan tips and selection advice, will allow any PES player to improve their match performance significantly.


The 4-3-3 Formation is the most dangerous for PES 2010.

2 Center Backs (CB)
2 Attacking Side Backs (SB)
3 Center Midfielders (CM)
2 Wingers (WF)
1 Target Man (CF).
This formation offers a balanced attack and defence strategy.


Let’s look at defence. To protect your goal, you have four defenders and 1 or 2 CM to assist you. During an attack, you have three forwards with 1 or 2 cm to help you.
Your two wingers make it easy to transition from defence to attack.
All 3 of your fronts are strong. Your LW, LB and at least 1 cm are available on the left flank. RW, RB and 1 CM are used to the right. Your 3 CM, 1 CF, and an Attacking CB are located in the middle. No matter which channel you attack, you will be equal in strength!
Player Selection
Your team’s potential is maximized when you choose the right players for each role.

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The 4-3-3 formation is a popular choice for top teams.

These are some tips for teams that are weaker.

As the two wingers, choose 2 of the fastest players. They will only need to sprint down the flank in order to bring crosses in.
To be the defensive midfielder, choose at least one tall and robust player from your midfield. He can help you win high balls and is strong enough for you to outmuscle your opponents for the ball.
Your 2 CBs should be made up of 1 tall, strong player (Challenge cross) and one fast player (“Chase down your opponent’s counterattacks”)



The arrow indicates the player’s current condition—Press R to open the team selection menu. Red is the best.

My experience has shown me that an average player playing in top form plays better than a superstar playing in normal conditions. This may be something you want to consider, or at the very least, include in your list of substitutes.


Pre-assign your game plan to your TEAM menu under the Formation Menu. Pre-assign up four players, and I’ll share the three most successful.

Counter Attack – You have your players moving fast forward and spreading out across the field to try to move the ball quickly upfield. This is useful in the second half when you’re trying to find the equalizer. If you’re leading by a goal, your opponent will counterattack in numbers to equalize. You can counterattack to expose their weaknesses at the back.
Switch Flank – Your LW switches to the right and your RW to the left. When he is on the right flank, your Left-footed LW can cut into the box with ease and then take a shot at it from the far side using his left foot. This can be activated and deactivated throughout the game to confuse your opponent.
CB Overlap – You CB charges forward and makes a late run in the box. This is useful when you are trying to score an equalizer. As he moves upfield, the CB will not be marked. A fast, powerful defender should be assigned. In a frustrating game, he will be your turning point.

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You can plan how to neutralize your opponent by knowing their players and formation.


Identify the weak points in your team. They have a weak LB. This is your chance attack with your right side. You have to cross high balls into the box. They can cross high balls into the box.
To limit their effectiveness, mark key players quickly. They are quickly closed down by the markers. One creative midfielder and one powerful forward/winger are kept.
These are my tactics and strategies in every match.

I feel unrivalled satisfaction when I achieve something with my Weaker team, and top teams allow me to play beautiful football.

These strategies will enable you to enjoy PES better and raise your game.



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