Best Xbox Games on 360

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Best Xbox Games on 360

Best Xbox Games on 360

It is difficult to understand how video game features will hold up against the exaggerated descriptions and images used in today’s advertising. This is why it’s essential to have the expertise of someone who isn’t biased and who is also a consumer. In this article, I will share my best Xbox 360 experiences.

Smackdown vs Raw 2010 Review: This is the latest instalment in the WWE series. It’s a solid game, even for non-wrestling fans. It is easy to use, and the gameplay is fluid. There are many things you can do in this game if you’re a Create-Aholic like I am. You can create the looks, moves and gear of your favourite wrestlers. Then, you can make your own grapple finish move or top rope finishing move. Create your entrance. Next, you can create your storyline. The Story Creation mode is also new. This one is for you if you are a WWE fan and enjoy being creative. The gameplay may become repetitive after a while. It is worth renting at most.

Six piledrivers for every 10

Left 4 Dead 2 Review – It’s Post-Apocalypse. Louisiana is home to mutant and zombie-like creatures. What are you going to do? Get three of your friends together and hack your way to freedom. There are five campaigns that last at least 5 hours, four game modes and an A.I. You can change the pace (monster spawns. weapons and weapons etc.), so you’ll be playing Left 4 Dead 2 even after the evacuation choppers leave. Versus is my favourite game mode. You can play as Infected characters to try and kill survivors. This is a must-buy for zombie and FPS fans.

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Eight shotguns out of 10

Review of Dragon Age: Origins Bioware has been mastering RPG art for many years. This is their crowning jewel. You have two options when it comes to combat: you can either program your members in real-time and control their actions, or you can pause to give each member a specific activity for a particular target. There are many moral choices that the player must make. These choices can have a significant impact on the story. This allows for replayability and all the special classes (each character can have two). You only need to earn them once, so they are available from the start of a new game. This one is a must-have since Dragon Age offers a lot of content and new downloadable content.

9 Frost Cones Out of 10

Review of Overlord II: Let’s face the facts. Sometimes it can be fun to be the bad guy. You would never have thought that pillaging the countryside could be this much fun if you had an army of gremlin-like minions. Although the controls can take some getting used to, they are easy to use and allow you to control different types of minions as well as your overlord without being too complicated. Your creepy little friends can help you craft armour and weapons for your overlord. You can unlock items and areas by using the souls of your minions, which is how you solve all the puzzles. Resurrect your favourite minions, and they will give you weapons and armour (sometimes unique) that you can use against fallen enemies. The map displayed on the screen is not compassable and does not allow you to turn with your overlord. This makes it difficult to find your way, especially considering the lack of landmarks. After you conquer your first few towns, the game can become repetitive.

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6 Enslaved Townfolk Out of 10

Dragon Age Awakening is the expansion of Dragon Age: Origins. Awakening continues where the original left off. Darkspawn are still present in the land, though the Archdemon has been defeated. It is possible to import your Warden directly from Origins (highly recommended), or you can start as a foreign Commander. The gameplay is solid and excellent, much like Origins. However, there is one problem. Despite the addition of new abilities, specializations and other features, you won’t have to change your build from Origins. Awakening is a story expansion, not a gameplay update. It still clocks in at 20 hours and has the length of a full-length game. P.S. P.S. – Origins is not likely to show too many familiar faces.

7 Crazy Mothers Out of 10



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