Strategies to Play Flight Control on the iPhone

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Strategies to Play Flight Control on the iPhone

Strategies to Play Flight Control on the iPhone


This game was played by a friend of mine on her iPhone. I found it very interesting. It was so simple that I couldn’t resist looking it up in App Store. It’s one of those games that appears simple but is actually quite complex. It’s not difficult at all, but you’ll find it more challenging than you expected. There are certain things that you assume during a flight simulation.

Many beginners will have a lot of fun drawing paths to get to the airports, even though they don’t realize that planning is required. You will only need to draw the line that will take the plane to the airport and then forget it. You have probably already noticed that you’ve likely died many times because you were too focused on one plane for too long.

This is especially true if several planes are landing at once.

-Incoming planes

Focus and speed are critical. After a plane’s flight has been drawn, you must move on to search for incoming symbols. This is especially important to avoid collisions. You will not be able to react quickly if a plane spawns or collides with your current aircraft, so avoid drawing the paths of other planes.

-Planes with different speeds

Speed variations are only available to red planes. My strategy is to let faster planes land first. They are more likely to collide, so they have a higher priority.

You can also create planes by tracing straight lines to the airfields. They will collide if they do. To avoid collisions, you will need to plan longer routes for some aircraft.

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You can plot the planes to the airports and then handle any collisions, so they flow in a queue.

This is a great solution, especially when there are many planes. It can be nerve-wracking to see so many planes.


These are the slowest units in the game. You can plot straight lines to the helicopter pads and then worry about the planes later. Planes are more flexible and can be planned to go around helicopters.


The auto-drawing paths of planes must be avoided in the exact same manner. Avoid the computer-controlled planes by weaving the user-controlled ones.

-Aircraft carrier

This is the most challenging airfield. This is mainly due to the faster planes and more planes that spawn.


The game doesn’t evolve, and it remains the same regardless of how many planes are landed. This game won’t last long unless it gets some new and exciting mechanics.

-Instant Death

This game suffers from instant death syndrome. Too many games end prematurely and must be restarted. To make the game more enjoyable, why not add a life or penalty system?



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