The Future of Madden – 11 Things Madden Must Change to Keep Gamers Happy

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The Future of Madden - 11 Things Madden Must Change to Keep Gamers Happy

The Future of Madden - 11 Things Madden Must Change to Keep Gamers Happy

We are at the end of the year, so we will be counting down from one to one the most critical changes for Madden 11. This is the first time that an “online franchise” will not be required to be on this list… Oh, how far we have come.

11 – Rethink Challenges

This will be a hotly contested topic, but football games must be free from challenges. Okay, maybe this is a bit harsh. But developers and gamers need to rethink the way they implement challenges. The goal of challenges in the NFL or other football leagues is to ensure that the referees make the right call. Madden’s refs are basically machines, so why force error in the refereeing process?

The game is always correct, so it shouldn’t make a mistake. For the fun of it? There will be times when you don’t feel like making the right calls, and you’ll wish you had a red alert. But if the game is played in such a manner that they always make the correct calls, their engine wouldn’t overrule their decision even with a challenge. A.I. is unlikely to exist. Implemented into refs, where refs actually have active characters on the field who have their own visions and awareness numbers, it doesn’t make sense to arbitrarily make wrong calls and waste everyone else’s time. Please make challenges an option or save them until we have a full referee A.I. Realistic. Madden NFL is what we’re purchasing, not Sherlock Holmes: The Botched Call. Yes, it is in the game… but we aren’t interested in that.

10 – Better Casting

Madden NFL has been having some of the worst sportscasting in a while. It is not the names they choose but the execution of the casting. Too many vague global observations and evident canned enthusiasm are the problems. Madden could learn from UFC 2009 Undisputed, which has set a new standard in sports game casting. Madden 10 sounds more interested in UFC 2009 commentary than Madden 10. It sounds like Madden 10 was hired to read a fifteen-minute script.

Because football is such a broad sport with many players and teams, it is difficult to compare the quality casting in more narrowly focused games. It would be difficult to cut down on the length of comments and combine them for unique combinations rather than hearing the same lengthy, drawn-out critiques. Madden has yet to make use of the ESPN license so that we can listen to Mike and Mike live while Madden is playing, or at most select ESPN podcasts from that day. This puts the podcast on Madden. Can you hear Ian Cummings? It makes the podcast… more Madden.

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9 – EA is not allowing players to pass beyond the line

This is another example of EA being a bit too naive. Players in the NFL are penalized for passing the ball beyond the line. So it makes sense that Madden players can give beyond the line and be punished. It doesn’t make any sense. Your running controls and your passing controls are tied to Madden’s line of scrimmage.

Madden 10 allows players to pass beyond the line. However, running controls should take over if a player crosses the line. Have you ever tried to slide when crossing the line only to throw a pick-6 to the X receiver instead? Or, spin and be penalized for throwing an awkward throw to the B receiver. It makes no sense. You can either untie the passing controls and the rushing controls or stop players from passing the ball after they have crossed the line of scrimmage. Although giving beyond the line can be an error in football, Peyton Manning has never thrown a ball 50 yards from the field and then tried to slip to his rear.

8 – Online Tournaments.

It seems like every year, players ask for features that no longer exist. Then they are snatched away with a new Madden edition. Online Tournaments were once one of the most incredible things about Madden. Not just sponsored tournaments, which are still available to a certain extent, but tournaments that you could create and join to earn tournament wins and challenge your opponents. As it stands now, tournament mode is a forgotten legend alongside the original Rushing Attack drill.

7 – Spectator mode

Madden NFL is somewhat similar to Animal Crossing (go here). Madden is no exception to this rule. In Animal Crossing: City Folk, much of the fun comes down to going from house to house and town to town to find the styles and tips you can learn. Madden’s players have long since forgotten how to watch their games, learn from them what tricks they use and even see a match between two great players. Online businesses can stream live rounds, and users can engage in the community through spectator modes. It’s great for tournaments, casual fans, and advertisers who are fed through Madden’s in-game advertising system. We don’t need to be kept in the dark anymore. We want to be able to watch others play your product or have our friends watch us.

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6 – Quit Game Solution.

The Quit Game problem has been a constant issue in Madden for many years. EA Sports does not want players to find glitches that allow them to disconnect from their games and get wins at a faster rate. Instead, they force players to beat the CPU to claim their success if their opponent disconnects. Online games are boring, with endless computer battles and time-consuming clock-sucking methods to make the time go faster. We need a solution that will deter cheaters but also not punish those who refuse to quit… so let’s make one!

We should make it so that you cannot quit and take your win without having a good account rating. This might be a requirement for Xbox Live. You must have at least four to five stars on your Xbox Live account. Players who cheat on other players to win quick wins will see their account rating drop quickly, and the system will monitor it. You can also set additional parameters, such as the ability to leave with a win or to quit if you have won at least three touchdowns. This would be a vast improvement on the current system, although it is not perfect.

5 – Avoid sack

Being a skilled player means being able to know when you should hold them when to fold them, when to walk away, and when to run. Although Kenny Rogers may not by Aristotle, he has a great point that can be applied to football. Peyton Manning and other players are skilled at avoiding hits. They will often drop to their knees quickly when they feel like there is no hope. To avoid punishments (and potentially fumbles) caused by sacks, Madden would encourage players to drop to the ground to help them. To encourage teams with high-quality quarterbacks, it might be possible to limit the ability to drop down to specific skill levels. Perhaps a global system where every player has an “avoid hits” rating in their pocket. Your chances of succeeding at the manoeuvre will increase based on that rating. Players like David Garrard, the Jaguars, would be less likely than players like Peyton Manning to avoid the sack when they press the right button.

4 – Online Practice Mode.

Practising or “dabbing” is one of the most important prerequisites for becoming a high-quality player in Madden. However, this usually means sitting in your own room with two controllers or fighting the clock in unranked games with a friend. Online practice mode allows players to connect with friends to try out new strategies and plans. Players can even create situations within the practice like “2 minutes drive to own 30.” It is essential to be able to share new tricks with your friends in Madden. EA Sports should recognize this feature’s ease of use.

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3 – Custom Packages:

Every Madden team is unique, so some players may prefer to use specific substitutions for certain situations. Madden allows for only a few formation packages. This would save players time and will enable them to spend more time playing the game. Do you prefer to have your slot receiver move to the outside if you are always in a particular formation? Do you choose to have a heavier set when you are out in the goal line? You want your best pass-catching running back in when you play four wide. As any coach can, let the players choose how their default packages look.

2 – Cooperative Online

Although not the most urgent issue right now, Madden NFL would be able to offer players the opportunity to play in an online co-op mode that is more than a novelty. Co-op features in many games are just content adds that don’t really add any value. Madden allows you to play online with friends against other players. This can lead to some fascinating conversations and games. Players will be strategizing their next move as well as planning their way up the leaderboard. Madden would benefit significantly from a co-op feature online that can be used in conjunction with online practice mode.

1 – Scouting 2.0.

As we briefly mentioned in an earlier article, franchise mode must completely overhaul how it treats the scouting process. Many players consider the draft to be the most essential and beloved aspect of franchise mode. However, scouting potential candidates are currently tricky at best. A new scouting system that is based on watching “game film” of players (instant replays) allows the user to decide what the player’s performance means. This mimics the draft evaluation process that many avid draft fans long for.

You can hire scouting agencies that will provide more film. They will send out prospects to record them, and you will make your evaluations based upon how they actually jump out at you on tape. This feature would revolutionize Madden franchise mode. It would also make Madden online more accessible.



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