Final Fantasy 9 Review

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Final Fantasy 9 Review

Final Fantasy 9 Review

Some games never age. Final Fantasy is one of those games. The series moved away from the PSX after the 9th addition to concentrating more on the PS2 (and now the PS3). Sometimes it can be delightful to revisit the old classics. Sony now offers older games on its PlayStation Store, so maybe it’s the perfect time to go back to the roots and remember why final fantasy is so wonderful. Is it worth playing part 9 again this year?


Final Fantasy 9 is about Zidane (later called dagger) and Garnet. Zidane is a thief assigned the task of kidnapping princess Garnet from Alexandria. Although it works, Garnet wants to flee the kingdom. They run away together from queen Brahne. In the meantime, queen Brahne is busy building an army using mist machines. As Zidane, Garnet and Garnet travel on their way, it becomes clear that queen Brahne wants her to return for the wrong reasons. With her new army, Garnet’s return seems inevitable.

It is a well-written story that will keep you engaged the entire time. The characters were charming, and I loved the tension and romance between them. You want to read every word and follow the story as if there is no tomorrow. Some people might not like the style of storytelling and graphics. As I said, the level is controlled through dialogues and cut scenes. You will be reading a lot, as there is no voice acting in either the cutscenes or the conversations. Some may find the cut scenes more appealing than the actual game. However, this is a tradeoff you can make by playing the 2001 final fantasy title.

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This game, like all other final fantasy games prior to 2007, uses the turn-based battle system. Once the character has finished waiting, you can tell it what to do. After it attacks, you must wait a while before you can execute your next movement. It works great and allows you to control your character’s movements without losing sight. You could argue, however, that there is no manual character movement and some tactics left untouched. Yes, your fighters will be in the same place (front and back), but the turn-based system allows you to have enough control to enjoy every battle.

You will need to move from one town to the next to finish the story. While you can move around freely, there isn’t much else to do besides the main storyline. This means that you will only have the ability to buy stuff and level up, which is a missed chance.


Final Fantasy is known for its great graphics and even better music. Final fantasy 9 is no exception. First, the pictures are as good as you can get for a PS1 game. The characters are well-designed and leave little to be desired in their interactions. You are basically walking on a static image because the backgrounds aren’t animated like in today’s games. Although it’s not apparent because the images fit perfectly and look great, there is a noticeable contrast between the animated characters and the background (still).

It’s a fantastic soundtrack. They are all perfectly matched. It completes the experience and sets the mood for each village or continent. For those who truly enjoyed the story, the official CD can be purchased.

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Final Fantasy 9 is one of the best games in the series. The story is well-written, and the gameplay is excellent for a PS1 game. Some may find the lack of side-quests frustrating. It is also worth noting that some still backgrounds may be unappealing to some. Final Fantasy 9 has little vaults, a great story and is worth replaying.

Final Fantasy 9

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