The Best Xbox Games of 2009 – Top 9 Personal Favourites

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The Best Xbox Games of 2009 - Top 9 Personal Favourites (1)

The Best Xbox Games of 2009 - Top 9 Personal Favourites (1)

When I feel the need for something simpler, or I’ve run out of crosswords, I turn my attention to my console. Although I have yet to adapt to the console, it has been a great experience to learn what teenagers call leisure. I have found this list to be a favourite while playing and have completed many of them, which still surprises me.

1. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

The powerful first-person shooter series is back. This is the direct sequel to Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare. Sergeant Gary “Roach” Sanderson is your new character. From the very first game, “Soap” is your commander. You will join a multinational anti-terrorist team to defeat Russian ultra-nationalists.

You can watch your squad develop from inexperienced rookies into veteran soldiers as you play. A snowmobile race is a new section. To fight terrorism, you will travel all over the globe.

Although details are not precise, it does include a variety of locations that have a snowbound enemy base that consists of a daredevil mountain climb across the ice before it cracks on the snowmobile.

Multiplayer has a new option for cooperation that offers more rewards and challenges, making the game more challenging.

2. Assassins Creed 2,

The sequel goes deeper into the secret society for assassins and still contains lots of adventure and action. This is a story about family, revenge, and conspiracy set in the dark and beautiful Renaissance Italy. The story follows Ezio, who becomes friends with Leonardo Da Vinci and then ventures through the canals of Venice to learn how to become an assassin. The game offers the same thrilling experience as the original. You will be amazed at the new features, and it will remain a challenging game for you.

3. Halo 3: ODST:

Earth needs protection, and the new Special Forces, ODST (Orbital Drop Shock Trooper), are here to help. The finale offers a fresh outlook and gameplay principles, but you must still be sharp and undetectable to the radar.

Halo 3 was developed exclusively for Xbox 360. Halo 3: ODSST is an extension to Halo 3. You will find hours of a new campaign, multiple-player gameplay, and this gives you a new way to connect with gamers all over the globe.

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Firefight, a new cooperative multiplayer player, is also included. Up to four players can take the role of Orbital Drop Shock Trooper Squad and work together to defeat challenging enemies. Three new multiple player maps are also included, including the original Halo 3 maps as well as the Legendary, Heroic, and Mythic maps, which total 24 maps.

4. Left for dead 2:

This horror action thriller takes place in cities, cemeteries, swamps, and other locations. It also includes five large campaigns. You’ll play the role of one of four survivors who are equipped with an extensive and deadly array of upgraded and classic weapons. A perfect example of this would be a frying pan.

Three new infected targets will be encountered, as well as five new infected enemies such as mud men. AI Director 2.0 will help take this exciting game to the next level. You can modify the weather, the enemy population and sound effects to match your performance. You will find this game to be a rewarding and challenging experience.

5. Tekken 6 – Blood Rebellion:

The fantastic high definition graphics, including the most extensive character roster, online games modes, and the character customization system, will be immediately apparent. Gorgeous graphics make it one of the most impressive and high-definition visuals in Tekken history. You will learn to master 40 fighters with the best fighting styles, martial arts and combo systems. All 34 characters, including Jin and Heihachi, are included. Six new characters are also included.

Online VS mode allows you to compete against other players around the globe. You can create new characters by customizing their hairstyles, fashion accessories, or tattoos.

You can punch your enemies through concrete walls and kick them through floors to create a new battlefield. The environment can change from sudden helicopter crashes to vehicle explosions. This makes it more fun.

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6. Prince of Persia

The story is set in ancient Persian mythology, and the Prince finds himself in an epic battle against the forces of darkness and light. Ormazd, the God of Light, is fighting Ahriman, the God of Darkness. The Prince is there to witness the Tree of Life being destroyed. This destruction could lead to the end of the world. Elika and the Prince will then need to team up with each other in order to save the world. Escape discovering the fantasy world full of fantastic storytelling and beautiful settings.

You will learn strategies, acrobatics and fighting tactics during the game. A new feature is available that focuses on decision making. Players can choose how the storyline unfolds by choosing their own path in the open-ended universe.
Elika is a deadly new ally in the Prince’s fight for the survival of the world. She is a powerful magician who aids the Prince in performing deadly combo attacks against his enemies.

7. Raw 2009 vs Raw 2009

The game now features a Tag Team Explosion, which is a new tag team match. You can now destroy your opponents with more power. When you’re about to end the game, the powerful tag team finishing moves will assist you in winning the match.

Road to Wrestle-Mania is an event you must complete. The WWE Smack-Down vs The new co-operational storyline for Raw 2009 is the highlight of the new story mode. In Create-a-Finisher, you can create entirely new characters. This allows you to create a Superstar simply from scratch.

You will never get bored with the New Online Functions, which allows you to download content and many other features.

8. Rock band World Tour:

Access to legendary musicians and master recordings from punk, metal, an alternative to classical and southern rock. You can play from your home or anywhere in the world. You can play online and have fun with your friends.

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Rock Bands character maker allows you to create your avatar. After you’re done customizing your avatar, show your real drum solo using Rock Bands freestyle drum fill window so you can showcase your unique rhythm and style with each song.

Rock Bands’ freestyle vocal fill windows allow you to add your words or shout out lyrics to increase the rock intensity. Your band members can fail to perform in a song. This can be changed by saving your bandmate and performing signature moves or solos for the crowd.

If everyone plays well, you can increase your bonus. If one person makes a mistake, it will ruin the reward for everyone.

You can also unlock 45 tracks and 13 songs by a variety of great bands as you play the game.

9. DJ Hero

This game requires you to master the turntable. It’s easy to master. You’ll be moving the turntable around, mixing between left and right tracks. You can also customize your mix with sound effects.

You can also earn additional features, such as a ‘Rewind’ feature that allows you to replay a portion of the song and get more points if you hit enough notes consecutively. You can also repeat your favourite part of the song. You can add additional effects to a track using the Effects dial.

DJ Hero also has a Euphoria mode, similar to Guitar Heros Star Power. You build up your Euphoria Meter, then use it to double the score. You can also adjust the game for left-handed users so that everyone can enjoy it.
You can host a party with friends and compete against your friends on multiple online players. You can also grab your Guitar Hero and jam out with a DJ. You can set the game to autoplay to provide the main music for your party. Players can also jump in and out of the game at any time.

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