My Best Sports Video Game Wishlist

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My Best Sports Video Game Wishlist

My Best Sports Video Game Wishlist

It’s a bit late to start asking for Christmas presents. However, I have a few wishes… or ideas for the next series of games that are video-based sports.

It’s true that I’ve spent many hours playing these games (way far too much, actually), and I am awed by the progress they’ve made. But who’s perfect? This is what I’d love to see from EA Sports in the new year.

Much appreciated, thanks.

NCAA Football 11 – More atmosphere on game day.

When you think about colleges, how do you know what differentiates them from professional sports? There’s no doubt that there is a passion for both players and the fans who have who are packed into stadiums that hold more than 100,000 fans. There is a lot of emotion, especially when rivalry games are played, as fans and alumni comprise large portions of the audience. In large schools in small towns, a large portion of the population is enthralled by the team, bringing non-sports enthusiasts into the action. However, I want to feel as though it is Saturday. I want big stadiums with shaky cameras at crucial moments in the middle of travel (like NCAA Basketball 10), and I’d like the crowd that is hyped (often much louder than jet engines reality) to make the quarterback sound like a ghost. Fans should throng into the field following huge victories and feel the shaking of the stadium. There’s nothing quite like the experience of playing in a college game, and it’s something that’ll take NCAA Football 11 to new levels.

NBA Live 11 – Better perimeter defense.

I mentioned this issue the other day. Offensive AI has enhanced within NBA Live 10, and it’s an absolute blast to play various games and sets. Pick-and-rolls are effective, and it’s incredibly satisfying to take a back-door cutter straight for the bucket. There are a lot of offensive options for basketball enthusiasts. However, the defense is still in need of improvement, particularly at the 3-point mark. Sharpshooters such as Mo Williams and Steve Nash are able to open up a bit too quickly and can shoot treys as if they were lay-ups. There are plenty of set-plays to choose from. However, there has to be a good reason for using these. Please, EA, make it more challenging to take 3-balls away – This will increase offensive creativity while making the defenders less annoyed.

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Fight Night Round 5 – More of a “story” in Legacy Mode

The over-hyped Legacy Mode brought plenty of exciting functions for Fight Night Round 4. Multiple titles and the possibility of unifying belts can enhance your career choices, in addition to the ability to switch weight classes. It’s also a challenge, and you’re required to fight more vigorous opponents as you progress up the ranks. What would I want to observe? Do you want to see more of a story? There’s no WWE; however, boxing has plenty of tension. Are there any weigh-ins or press conferences? And what do you think about a pre-fight rant? But most importantly, money is a must in the equation, along with an opportunity to negotiate the split as well as pay-per-view profits. In addition, it gives extra excitement to primary replays and makes use of cutting scenes that bring the story to life. Fight Night Round 4 is an excellent boxing game featuring fantastic graphics and gameplay. However, a touch of spice could add some zing.

NCAA Basketball 11 – Export draft classes to NBA Live

This feature is included in Madden along with NCAA Football, and it’s one of the best options available. I’m awestruck by my players who play NCAA Basketball, and I want to follow their progress at the professional level. So, I’d like to have my former players of NCAA Basketball and try to draft them or trade the players on NBA Live. This will make scouting more realistic and will increase the worth of every game. As opposed to random newcomers, you’ll become more familiar with new players. Furthermore, because both games operate on the same platform, it should be smooth. It’s an easy progression to me, and we’ll probably get to see it in the near future. It’s my hope, at least! (psst, EA, you’ll make more sales of games!)

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