Battlefield – Bad Company 2 For Xbox 360

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Battlefield - Bad Company 2 For Xbox 360

Battlefield - Bad Company 2 For Xbox 360

The momentous shock of the year 2008 was that Battlefield: Bad Company was released without warning and had blown so many out of the realm that was the FPS soldier, who was recuperating from the backlash of the original Modern Warfare. Two years have passed, and the battle over the respective licenses held by EA as well as Activision is now more vibrant than ever before with the release of Bad Company 2. Bad Company 2, which does not have the status of an outsider but instead is direct competition.

The Bad is back

The returns from Bad Company, the squad of soldiers, snipers, and simpletons, and even a little rough but highly effective in the field, particularly when it comes to missions that require suicidal savagery. In spite of their accomplishments in the initial episode, the invading by the Russian army is not being prevented through The United States. The communist adversary was armed with an arsenal of mass destruction, which could use the atomic bomb to create an unnamed white dog, and this, despite the fact that Alaska, as well as a lot of South America, are already under the control of its. The world is so hot that Uncle Sam has his hopes resting in his Bad Company, sent again to the breaking pipe to save humanity, none more, with not being afraid of exploding half of Latin America to do so. For the second installment of Bad Company, DICE has looked at the whole picture and didn’t skimp on the scale of the threat facing the entire world. We also noticed the desire of Swedes to make their games more mature and consistent, which is evident in the very first few minutes of gameplay, which includes. The cut-scenes in the missions are more extensive and lively, showing that they are also able to tell an exciting story and are more likely to attract the player.

If you’re a fan from Bad Company is reassuring nonetheless that our four grunts will not be short of gratuitous adversities, and valves make you love their content, which gives the title an incredibly light touch and sometimes a tendency to irony cut is the initial step, which is sometimes awkwardly placed in these films. But the humor is not as strong as in the opening episode, less secluded in the main plot. There is a slight regret, however.

The reduction of the areas that combat

The unstoppable force of the first Bad Company was as well. It was very fluid gameplay, and maps that had massive parts exploded when the slightest blast occurred. Naturally, the sequel picks up the torch with respect and changes the game’s formula to match the changes made to the background. In fact, if we discover vast environments that players have freedom of movement, they will appreciate that Bad Company 2 offers a single-player experience that is more distinct and controlled, just like his predecessor.

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DICE is undoubtedly inspired by the concept of putting the game in the striking setting of Infinity Ward, has actually been in touch with the game’s plot, and has no hesitation in sprinkling a bit of fun throughout this South American journey of our favorite team. Ambushes, explosions, and buildings falling apart, the excitement is not infrequent, and, without becoming a bidding war that is absurd, they dramatically increase the immersion of the player in a chaotic atmosphere with joy. In part-cons, specific missions are able to cut their boundaries dramatically to allow players to follow the path they have been given. It stretches out the radical freedom that attracted attention just two years earlier, however, with a worthy cause, given the seriousness of the battles to come enhanced by a level design that is incredibly careful and attentive to every little detail. Apart from the work that has been done on the organization of tasks, DICE has also sought to create more a rhythm for Bad Company 2 by multiplying the variety of scenarios, for example, through the use of phases in vehicles. The snowy roads that you travel on in on a jeep, or riding rail-shooting in a helicopter that is flying above the jungle. Often, when we go between two typical missions. We dispel history just as it is. In addition, we discover some more unique scenes, such as this fantastic attack in a snowstorm where you don’t see two feet and are not necessary for survival, but our pace to seek shelter and warmth. When all of it is put together, we have an all-one-player campaign that is more in control than the previous episode. What we are deprived of in mobility, we gain in excitement because we are staged more confident, who is willing to risk more, resulting in a thrilling outcome.

Some may be dissatisfied with the direction that was taken by DICE. We were not expecting that Swedes play in the sands in Modern Warfare, but instead, they stand out and strike the nail into the forces that are working on the primary component instead of focusing on his supposed weakness. Because, in the end, in the midst of the sluggishness of the atmosphere as well as the ironic feeling of a sense of freedom being restricted, Bad Company 2 is left with a successful campaign, yes, however, it falls short of our expectations, and certainly more than the memorable previous. It’s also shorter in general terms, with only a couple of hours. It’s right in the middle of all currently being produced, but it’s not really an excuse to be happy.

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The science behind the chaos

Fortunately, the Frostbite engine is always around to keep us smiling while we redecorate the game the way we want to. Who says Bad Company also said explosions that exploded off of destructible landscapes and environments. This time, the result doesn’t alter a second to the norm and suggests an upgrade to our house 3D engine, which promises more destruction and stunning. In addition to the assistance of our joyful rocket launcher, we could still smash a number of components of sets in order to locate the enemy and create a more direct path to the battlefield. However, the reverse is not as effective, and we’ll have to deal with rocket launchers and tanks in order which can quickly destroy any shelter that they envisioned a resting place. Similar to the first Bad Company, This choice has a scrumptious impact on the gameplay and enhances combat, which is accompanied by an unending feeling of fear which makes the win even more stunning and satisfying.

If the plan is successful, it might be possible to approve the demolitions, but engine DICE does make incorrect notes due to this blurred texture and aliasing that is often aren’t always accurate and often slow to show up. Thus, we’re left with graphics, and generally lower resolution than the massive Modern Warfare 2 is undeniable. But the technical flaws that led to the limited visuals and rendering of Bad Company 2 are still vastly offset by the quality of special effects used to create a decent atmosphere. In addition to the physical management that lets us quickly eliminate any walls or light effect, and mainly, particle allows players to feel pregnant, amidst the gray smoke columns and sand storms that impede our progress, and the cons Days are used in a subtle way to provide an advantage to the opponents. Furthermore, the frame rate is never snared and flows seamlessly throughout the game regardless of the most vicious assaults that are able to be affixed to the game’s sets. The deserts that are dry, the lush forests, and the icy mountains we’ll have to traverse through will be much to satisfy the exigent players, especially when considering the magnitude of the proposed levels as well as the many ways officials can respond to attack.

Bad Company, but a good one.

While the single-player campaign might leave a slightly bitter taste to some players, the multiplayer game mode is sure to impress players with its awe-inspiring array of flavors. It can be played with up to 24 maps designed with a level of expertise that demands respect; Bad Company 2 reveals an experience that has everything needed to be essential.

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When playing Rush or Conquest, we find ourselves in the middle of tense combat in various designs, big enough to let us make use of a variety of different vehicles (quad motorcycles, jeeps, helicopters, tanks), and yet, still, there are essential points of focus and combat, as it can either take them or try to ignite an explosive charge. The concept of attack and defense, which could invoke Counter-Strike, remains in full force and is accentuated by the range of weapons available as well as the destructive abilities of every player.

The soldier online can select different profiles, with a variety of equipment and a variety of specificities, such as histories of mixed teams, and demand mutual support between players. Additionally, there is an experience system as well as medals that reward the best in their physical development and abilities to give us a further incentive to keep fighting online. With its pliable handling, anxious play at a high degree, as well as gameplay that is absolutely stunning, Bad Company 2 delivers gamers a multiplayer experience that is vibrant, deep, thrilling, and incredibly enjoyable. You are assured that it is not a problem.


In giving up some of the freedom of action in the spectacular show, DICE took a considerable risk. After the credits have ended, which concludes the single-player campaign, you are left considering that it might be best to highlight the advantages of the series by expanding the scope of the game instead of attempting to get closer to the events of the actual game, with equal emphasis on the stage. Although it was not the best, this game was enough to make us shiver and provides a great dose of emotions because of the design quality to tiny onions, and its gameplay that is extremely exciting. It is the multiplayer mode that delivers spectacular fireworks. An impressive and rich experience, this mode takes us into an intense battle scene that leaves no space for enjoyment. In the end, if on quality is at a high level, and the balance between multiplayer and single has been altered slightly over the two episodes. Bad Company 2 can be described as an exciting experience that lets you can find all the knowledge DICE proves time and again that it’s among the top studios in the SPF.

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