Sneaking Into the Stealth Genre

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Sneaking Into the Stealth Genre

Sneaking Into the Stealth Genre

I’ve always had a special attraction to stealth games and I believe that at this moment (two steps to Splinter Cell: Conviction to be exact) I’ve discovered the reason.

To my mind, there are two distinct kinds of stealth experiences, or, more precisely, two distinct methods of using the power of stealth for your benefit. Let’s consider two scenarios to demonstrate this.

Example 1

In the beginning we’re using the technique of stealth to be virtually invisibly. We’re shadowy figures hidden behind enemy lines hiding in a fortress of twitchy mercenaries armed with guns that are automatic. We’re outnumbered and outgunned. We feel a bit uneasy and are aware that if be noticed by others, then we stand a slim chance of being able to survive.

Our aim is to find the sensitive information that is in one specific room within the fortress, and then escape the information unnoticed. To illustrate let’s say that the goal is on the upper floor, and we’re at the lowest level. As we climb the heartbeat is in a frenzied manner and our palms sweating. If an adversary gets our movements across the room, he along with his fellow comrades are likely to be pursuing us in just a few moments. If we aren’t able to listen to the steady whirring sound of cameras, they’re likely to start blaring alarms, and we’ve effectively missed the mark.

The whole journey from top to bottom and back again is intensely thrilling and tense. When we reach the exit, we have our information in hand before disappearing into darkness, thinking about our enemies who we had left looking slack-jawed in the safe that is open. We feel relieved, we are proud, and we feel a sense of accomplishment. We took on a large number of enemy soldiers as one person and were successful. There’s more accomplishment in that than taking down 100 waves of enemies.

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Example 2

This time we’re employing stealth to keep our identities secret. It may sound like a similar process to the previous example, but it’s vastly different. This is a huge open-ended and open-ended area that’s full of guards, but also civilians who are able to go through their routines and everyday lives. We’re not infiltrating an isolated environment populated by criminals, but instead we’re infringing on the law in the real world of society.

Our goal is to kill the person we want to assassinate. It’s pretty straightforward in theory however there are a variety of ways to approach it. It all starts with approaching the house; do we sneak through the back of the house, then covertly make a mess of any guards, walk around to the entrance, or go down the chimney in the disguise of the sweep? We can choose either, however, one method could be more successful than other ways. It is important to be willing to take risks and do the things we believe to be best, and not always what’s the most obvious.

When we are close to him and we are within a few inches, what do we do? Do we give him a an ad-lib on the head, and then risk being exposed? Or , do we pour some cyanide into the tea to watch him roll over in the relative safety in the privacy of his closet? The choice is again. Then we can begin the method we will use to exfiltrate. From the window and into the drainpipe perhaps?

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The thing is, if you are successful, you will experience the feeling of a contract killer. You made your own decisions and you acted in the way you felt best and succeeded. You feel powerful and smart.

Connecting them

The examples we’ve got here are two instances of how stealth could be used in a variety of ways to create various emotional reactions. It’s possible to make the argument that Example 1 describes the linear experience, and Example 2 simulates the behavior of a sandbox however that’s not the case. Splinter Cell can prove it.

It is the Splinter Cell is one of the series that I refer to when people ask me which one I think is the most comprehensive stealth-based experience. It is because, though the game is essentially straight-linear, SC splices elements from both examples above leaving the user feeling happy, confident, and powerful equally. While one goal might require you to be in the shadows while keeping the body count and alarms to an absolute minimum, the next level could give you five freedoms to take out anyone you’d like to achieve your goal while remaining hidden in the shadows the best way to reduce the chances.

This is why I enjoy stealth games, because they provide a wide range of options to engage the player. Although it is true that all genres have this in some way however, it’s more apparent in games like Hitman or Thief than in such games as Black or Max Payne.

I believe more people should purchase game that stealth and offer the slow pace a shot as the rewards that come with the journey are more than enough to be worth it. My advice to you gamers is that if you’re not yet, consider getting involved in the stealth game genre. It may not be the kind of thing you’re familiar with, but staying with the same game constantly can make you thicker according to research. I’m paraphrasing, obviously.

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