The Best Nintendo DS Games

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The Best Nintendo DS Games

The Best Nintendo DS Games

It is believed that the Nintendo DS Console has been the top-selling video game console in the last decade. And with its various models (The Nintendo DSi, Nintendo DSi XL, and Nintendo 3DS), the Nintendo handheld brand is increasing in popularity. The handheld entertainment system has brought forth an array of games, including strategy, adventure, and educational titles that helped the DSi grow from strength to growth over the past few years.

Due to the popularity that has come from this console, Nintendo DS Console, there have been many amazing Nintendo DS Games released, hundreds of which have earned high praise for gameplay and playability. The sheer number of DS games ensures that you’ll never be bored with the Nintendo DS console. It does mean it can be challenging to choose the perfect game.

To assist you, I’ll categorize different kinds of Nintendo DS games you can discover that will drastically cut down the time it takes you to locate the ideal DS Game for your own requirements.

Brain Teasers and Educational DS Games

There are a myriad of Nintendo DS Games out there that will challenge your brain and increase your understanding. If you’re looking for brain-training games or a game of sudoku that you can play on the go or language training, You can choose from many educational DS games that you can play on the go.

I personally have played both games Brain Training DS Games and the Learn Spanish DS game, which significantly improved my mental abilities, and my ability to communicate in another language!

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Action DS Games

Don’t bother with learning; sometimes, you want to just blast things up. There are many rapid-paced action DS games that take you on a variety of landscapes and missions while you shoot, slash or fly through the chaos of your opponents.

Action DS Games are an excellent way to ease boredom and stress. I myself enjoy spending some time playing action-oriented Nintendo DS Games. There’s a vast selection of action games that bring an exciting and fast-paced selection of fun to your DSi!

Puzzle DS Games

There’s a broad selection of games that are suitable for everyone’s age using Nintendo DS. Nintendo DS. If you’re looking to find a way out of an enigma or even match your characters in fast-paced puzzle games like bejeweled, you are bound to discover an exciting puzzle DS game that keeps your mind entertained.

The Puzzle DS Games are great for those like me who require a bit of mental stimulation and don’t have the time to keep up with the latest Brain Training DS games.

Mystery and Adventure DS Games

There are many mysteries and adventure DS games available where you’ll have to hunt for clues to solve riddles and even find those master thieves. They usually include a large number of Puzzles. However, I did not combine Adventure DS games with Puzzle DS games because they are usually part of a bigger puzzle-solving game.

Mystery DS Games and Adventure DS games typically follow intricate yet enjoyable plot lines that take you on a journey through fascinating tales. Beware of being aware that the adventure DS games are often addictive, and you could be having fun playing the DS game just a little often!

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Adventure and mystery games available for DS include titles like Professor Layton and even Pokemon DS!

DS Games for Girls

DS Games for girls give girls a new perspective on the legendary Nintendo DS Console. If your daughter wants to ride an animal, own an apparel store, or live her life in a fictional town, there are plenty of Nintendo DS Games for Girls!

Many of the female DS titles can educate your child about a variety of things that they’ll encounter in their daily lives and also teach the basics of style and the care of pets!

Educational DS Games

One of the fascinating pillars of the popularity of the Nintendo DSi is that it was released with an array of educational DS games. From brain-training to language-training software to language training software, the Nintendo DS gives you some incredible educational DS games that will give you a beneficial educational source. These educational DS games also include educational programs that cover subjects like Maths, Science and Geography in addition to the language and brain Training programs!

The End

I hope that this overview of Nintendo DS Games cleared things down a bit and helped you choose which of the massive selection of DS games you’d like to purchase!

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