MW2 Equipment

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MW2 Equipment

MW2 Equipment

Throwing Knife


It only takes one hit to take out an enemy.

They can be picked up again after throwing them or even take them out of the opponent you killed


The purpose of these isn’t excellent, and as with all things, it needs to be practiced. It’s sort of like firing the grenade launchers.

Tactical Insertion


Marks, your respawn point works well in Headquarters.

If you’re in an excellent location that is difficult to access, then you could make a tactical insertion and have no worries.


The procedure takes around 5 seconds to make use of.

They shine a bright green light, making them easy for enemy players to recognize. They could be destroyed, or more dangerous enemies could be sat next to them until you return to take a quick kill.

A TI-equipped weapon means that you cannot have claymore or frag, but alongside a single-man army, it can take care of that.

Blast Shield


Minor damage to the explosive from grenades, claymores, etc. great for domination, headquarters, and so on.


It replaces your equipment like a claymore, frag and so on…

This is because you won’t be able to see as well.



If used correctly, they can result in a number of kills, especially if equipped with the scavenger.

They offer excellent protection, Even if someone is able to sneak past you. Typically, you are near enough for you to feel the blow. You can also wait for your adversaries to appear around the corner.


They may quickly be detected, particularly with the sit-rep.

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Scavengers are equipped with scavengers. You are able to plant only two claymores once. It’s a bummer, but you know the source of their origins. Claymores would be everywhere.

Scrambler Pro slows down the claymore’s release, letting enemies sneak behind you.



They can be challenging to spot.

They will stick to any item that is useful to use for Search and Destroy and Headquarters.

They’re more damaged than Claymore.


You must remote to detonate C4.

Stun Grenades


They’ve got an extensive range, and you can throw them quite far.

They can be used against multiple foes in groups.


They aren’t able to do much harm, but they can cause death if someone’s health is in a low state or in hardcore situations.

They may not always perform as effectively as you think, and it all depends on where they end up next to adversaries.

Flash Grenades


They also have quite a long-range.

They totally disorient the enemy.


– They’re not very harmful, but they can cause death if someone’s health is in a low state or in hardcore mode.

The fact that they don’t always function as effectively as you like, and it all depends on where they end up next to enemies. The flashes can be moved when they are flashed.

Smoke Grenades


It is possible to get an excellent distance using these.

Smoke grenades provide excellent protection.

They can last quite a long time, offering excellent protection.


Thermal Scopes are able to allow you to see straight through the smoke. This means that your adversaries can observe you even if they’re thermal equipment and you don’t possess cold-blooded.

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There isn’t any risk of damage caused by smoke grenades.

The enemy will be covered by the smoke.

Frag Grenades


Frags are exceptionally long in the distance and can be thrown them halfway across lots of places. They bounce and roll like real Grenades.

Frags can bounce off walls and doors to create a space that keeps you nice and secure. Making the grenade cook first is a great benefit.

Cooking a grenade is being held in place for a few seconds before releasing it at the right time to end the enemy’s life and stop him from having the opportunity to escape. It requires a lot of practice to be able to time it right, but once you’ve mastered it, your adversary will not have difficulty moving away after the grenade explodes when it is placed at them.


Frags produce a distinctive sound when they touch the ground, giving the attacker the chance to escape.

Frags are able to be thrown and picked up to throwback. This can be advantageous as well as a disadvantage. It is suggested to make grenades ready to throw them but not give your adversaries the opportunity to do it again.



It’s like the frag, but it adheres to anything, even the enemy who isn’t giving them an opportunity.

They aren’t cooked like frags, which means they’re less likely to cause a fire, and they possess a lower fuse.

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