Top 10 Gamer Guns

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Top 10 Gamer Guns

Top 10 Gamer Guns

In the case of shooting and action games, the weapons you select can determine the outcome of your chances of success. The best guns will depend on the game you play, the player, and what scenario you’re in. The consideration is given to the five primary categories of gamer guns as well as their popularity, as well as the games they’re playing to present you with some of the Top Ten Gamer Guns (and their civilian counterparts).

Assault Rifles

M16 (AR-15) Series: Modern Warfare 2, Metal Gear Solid Series, Left 4 Dead, GTA Series:

Specific variants of the M16, as well as its civilian counterpart that is the AR-15, have not only been used in a variety of games and shooting, but they have also been among the best in their class and possibly the most effective (gamer) guns around the globe. They are the guns you need that gamers can bring to the battlefield. Its “Black Rifle” is the one you choose to stealth (MGS) and full-on combat (MW2) absolute Chaos (GTA) as well as fighting huge zombie hoards (Left 4 Dead). No matter what you require it to accomplish it’s the M16 (AR-15) will do the job.

AK-47: Modern Warfare 2, Black, GTA Series, Counter-Strike:

In the race for the best (gamer) weapon around the globe, The AK-47 is battle-hardened and time test and can be found nearly everywhere guns play games. The AK-47 might not be as precise as the AR-15; however, it is frequently referred to as the ultimate assault rifle for any type of engagement. It is the top-of-the-line weapon in MW2 and MW2; the AK-47 cannot be denied on a virtual playing field.

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Sub-Machine Guns (SMG)

MP-5 (GSG-5) Series: Rainbow Six, GoldenEye, GTA Series, The Punisher, Resident Evil 5

For civilians, you’ll come across it under the GSG-5 name. In the virtual world it’s you’ll find that the MP5 is the most powerful firearm in its class. It is a highly flexible SMG that can be used in a variety of ways which makes it ideal for any situation that requires a tactical approach. The MP-5 SMG is what you look to in the automatics class for GoldenEye. Go to Rainbow Six, and you’ll see that the MP-5 SMG is superior to an assault rifle in close-range anti-terrorism. The most enjoyable use for this weapon is when a friend grabs sticks using Sheva from RE:5 and sets down suppressive fire on a few of the lickers while I pull out the bigger guns.

P90 (PS90): Counter-Strike, GoldenEye, Black, Modern Warfare 2, Rainbow Six

Bond’s preferred weapon of power is GoldenEye (known by the name of RCP-90). In modern-day combat games, the gun is tough as nails. The gun was developed to shoot shooting the 5.7x28mm cartridge, which is a specially-designed cartridge for tactical use, and the P90, as well as its civilian version, the PS90, are famous for destroying targets quickly. The large magazine capacity, the speedy rate of fire, and overall greatness make the P90 an absolute favorite among shooters whenever combat becomes fierce, and you’re running out of ammunition.


1911: Metal Gear Solid 3 & 4, Medal of Honor Series, Call of Duty Series, Battlefield Series

The old or new This pistol has been the preferred sidearm for WWII soldiers, from Modern Warriors to Covert Operatives. The two Naked Snakes (Big Boss) and his son Solid Snake use one as their primary weapon for covert operations. Are you planning to stealthily enter a nuclear facility by mainly using a 1911 pistol? Sure, this gun has the capability. A handgun that’s been around for a century that still has a kick is an excellent choice as the most popular gamer’s gun sidearm. We all know how efficient the 1911 pistol is when it comes to locating the next checkpoint.

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Desert Eagle: Resident Evil Series, Tomb Raider, Counter-Strike, Fall Out, Max Payne

It’s not only big and powerful, but the video game addict Lara Croft showed us that the Desert Eagle or Deagle depending on your preference, is the weapon that’s ideal for destroying dinosaurs while looking gorgeous. Our pals in Raccoon City showed us how this gun is the ideal zombie slayer by blasting through the slack jaws of the undead by firing a single shot. When you’re looking for a tactical weapon, it’s a Desert Eagle handgun is all the weapons you need to conquer a map one hand. The capability that comes from the Deagle is unrivaled.


Remington 870: Battlefield Series, Black, Resident Evil Series, Max Payne 2

Third-person action or FPS and no soldier, criminal, or zombie will be able to resist the strength from this Remington 870 gun. The simplicity of this shotgun for tactical use is used to knock down doors, snare insurgents on the move, and to decimate zombies—the most popular shooting gun designed for gamers.

Saiga Shotgun: Metal Gear Solid 4, Battlefield Series, SOCOM

It appears similar to its AK and is able to destroy targets just like shotguns. The Saiga is an exceptional tactical shotgun that is under-appreciated in the realm of gamer guns. Perhaps it’s not as powerful or has the same impact as the Remington however;, the Saiga provides shotgun power along with a rapid rate of fire that every skilled player ought to be able to appreciate. It’s not if you are a fan of being pawned by novices who have lucky headshots.

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Sniper Rifles

SVD Dragunov: Metal Gear Solid 3 & 4, Battlefield Series, Resident Evil 5, Modern Warfare

Is it true? The Russians have good guns. However, the SVD is among the most well-known Sniper rifles available is a great weapon and a great gamer gun. If you’re not looking to kill yourself, you can use the SVD as the best option for snakes to eliminate The End. You can also use it to strike precisely on the weak point of the strange-spider creature in the midst of the resident evil. Whatever the case, The Dragunov is a gamer gun that will last for a long time.



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