Xbox Games With Avatar Awards List

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Xbox Games With Avatar Awards List

Xbox Games With Avatar Awards List

Xbox 360 is the latest gaming console launched by Microsoft. It is the sequel to Xbox and has plenty to offer its customers. There are more than 676 games that are available to Xbox 360 users around the world. In Xbox Live, the Xbox Live Service in the Xbox 360 gaming console, players can now utilize Xbox 360 Avatars. The Xbox 360 Avatars can be personalized to portray the user. The player is able to select the kind of body, sharp features, facial features, clothes, and hairstyle, as well as gender. There are many games currently in play that make use of Avatars. In the most recent update, players are able to purchase clothes to match their Avatars. This is achievable through Avatar Awards that is something that players earn based on the level of success during the course of the game. Every time a milestone is reached, the player will be able to unlock an award. For the moment, only clothing can be awarded for the Avatar award.

Alan Wake

An emotional thriller action-packed adventures video game developed by Microsoft and was created through Remedy Entertainment. The game revolves around Alan Wake, who uncovers a mystery after his wife vanishes mysteriously on vacation in Bright Falls. Alan Wake also has to face a variety of blackouts and visions of characters the author claimed to have written about but has no recall of. The game plays out for the players in an episode format. What players need to accomplish in the game is they must find items and manuscript pages which offer different clues and guide players to the next step. While playing the game, players will be able to unlock various Avatar rewards that are open to players.

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Lips is a different video game that is available via the Xbox Live feature in Xbox 360 and was created by iNiS. It lets users participate in different options like Kiss, Time Bomb, and Vocal Fighters. They are also able to sing duets, and the game gives prizes to those who excel in their singing. The participants are expected to sign in six distinct categories, including vibrato the rhythm, and pitch. The players can also sing to the tune of their choice, which they can play through your Zune or iPod, or even a flash drive. In this game, participants earn points that they can later use to gain avatar rewards.

Toy Soldiers

Toy Soldiers offers the player the perfect combination of action and strategy within the game. The game was created in collaboration with Signal Studios for the Xbox Live arcade. In the game, players choose between two toy soldiers. The Toy Soldiers are miniature in dimensions. The game features a World War I landscape to it. The players are required to eliminate enemies to earn points, which they can utilize later to earn their Avatar rewards. To make the game more user comfortable, when a soldier is shot, there is no blood displayed. The player is also able to manage and build multiple units and devise strategies to beat their opponents. The score of each game is recorded in the Xbox LIVE leaderboards.



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