The Halo Reach Arsenal Revealed Spartan Weapons

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The Halo Reach Arsenal Revealed Spartan Weapons

The Halo Reach Arsenal Revealed Spartan Weapons

Let’s get to work. These are the weapons that we have from Halo Reach.

The pistol you have always loved is back and has been upgraded to with the M6G PDWS Magnum. It will bring back memories of the glory days you had playing Halo Ce. So, stop splurging on spartan. There is no time with team killing. Your magnum is now able to kill with just five shots so long as the final shot is inside the head. The firing rate is more rapid than Halo 3 and actually faster than the DMR.

The legendary M90 CAWS Shotgun returns with the same enthralling death capability it’s always been able to provide. When you combine the shotgun and sprint, you can almost be invincible. The shotgun is a long-timer for reloading, so be sure to get your adversaries close to enjoying the full impact of the shots.

M392 Designated Marksman Rifle (New) It is the DMR, also known as the dead man’s rifle as we prefer to refer to it, has 15 bullets inside the clip. It also has a beautiful scope and is deadly when used at a medium-to-long range. The DMR is also able to take five shots to kill as long as the first shot is within the head. If you’re comfortable with the BR, you’ll be able to adapt to the DMR quickly if you be taught to slow your shooting a bit and allow the bloom to adjust.

MA37 ICWS Assault Rifle

A novice’s best friend, The AR, has returned. If you’re more of a spray, pray and beat down player, this is the primary weapon. At close range, it can be hazardous. The secret to winning AR combat is to gain a head start on your opponent. If you can see your opponent simultaneously, and they see you, you’ll probably just exchange kills. Therefore, let the shooting, jumping, and punching commence.

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Sniper Rifle (System 99D Anti-‘Materiel’)

Mini screen no more, why should we care? The auto-aim feature on the gun is laughable. The sniper is now much easier to use. Two shots at the body or a shot in the head will end any person’s life for the duration. If you are a pro, take them out of the head. We all know how much you like the little badge that reads “you sniped spartan1234”.

M319 Grenade Launcher

A tube for noobs in the halo? Yes, it is true. This weapon is a massive punch. It can spit frag grenades like an insane man. There are two options to choose from when firing the weapon. First, you can pull the trigger. Once the grenade has bounced, it will explode. Another option and the very excellent option is to hold and pull the trigger and let it go whenever you’d like your sweet treat to explode! Also, they can blast shields!

M41 Rocket Launcher

It’s basically an atom bomb. Be cautious when firing this weapon; you could kill yourself and your opponent. The damage from rockets is staggering and is easily accessible. Make sure to aim for your feet and then jump!

Spartan Laser

For me, the spartan laser seems like an amalgamation of a sniper gun and a shotgun. The laser has a substantial half-dollar-sized reticule that can shoot all the way across the globe. The only issue is the three-second charge time. A tip for using that weapon would be to power it at a distance behind a wall or at a different location from the target. When you are ready, simply make a point, and you’re dead.

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I’m Steve White, aka TC Fear. The first time I was in Halo 3, I had a score of 50 on each listed playlist. I’ve been gaming competitively since the start of this game’s Halo Franchise. I have placed exceptionally well in numerous MLG (Major League Gaming) tournaments. My team took home the first online Halo 3 tournament and received $6,000. At MLG meadowlands, the very premier Halo 3 MLG event, my team won $12,000.



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