Classic Game Review: Renegade 1987

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Classic Game Review Renegade 1987

Classic Game Review Renegade 1987

After their latest crop of Konami conversions, Imagine have turned their attention to licenses they acquired from a different Japanese coin-op business, Taito. After the versions that included Ark Android and Slap Fight comes Renegade, featuring a different pixel-based superhero with a slew of characters that fit The Charles Bronson mould. The setting is you travel through the city late at night, trying to find your girlfriend. Lucy, You meet gangs of brutal villains who are enthralled by bloodlust fueled by an erupting moon. They’re in full force, ready to slay anyone who dares to venture into their territory. You’re exploring their territory.

The fight begins in the tube station, and a gang of muggers fight, and some are armed with pipes that they strike with their hands in a threatening manner as they circle around your unassuming figure in anticipation. Punching, jumping, kicks as well as ducking. The objective is to shed blood and kill all muggers. If only three of the group remain at a time, their Boss is revealed – and, like all Bosses, the one, in this case, is more potent than his followers—the ability to take a lot of punishment before he expires.

Off Your Bike

Outside in the open and then strolling along the Pier, which is where the bikers are waiting to attack, roaring over you and knocking you to the ground unless an excellently targeted kick was able to disarm them. A horde of Hells Angels attacks en masses and attempt to smash your fragile body using their fists. Some arch-Angels are armed with chains, which they strike with brutal accuracy. After removing that biker Boss, the way to Lucy will take you through the back streets in Tinsel Town, where gangs of tough, rough women are enraged by the mere existence of a male and display their hatred by attempting to expose your body with whips and clubs! Big Bad Bertha serves as their boss, a massive woman who swoops about pushing you with her elbows until she’s subdued using some strategically placed kicks.

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Sharp Razor

You’re almost in the arms of your love… But the final hurdle has to be fought that is the road that leads to the place of meeting in which a group of razor-wielding criminals try to impede advancement. One slash is more than just painful; it’s fatal. In order to survive the close shave sellers and you’re in a building in which Lucy is waiting together with a group of the most violent criminals you’ve ever encountered. Their leader isn’t equipped with a fuzz box; He’s got a gun which he’s never afraid to make use of it.


This minimal number that allows you to strike a person when he down allows you to kneel down on an attacker and then slash the brains of his victim. It’s not precisely brain-enhancing. However, the violent elements enhance the mood and make Renegade an all-time enjoyable game to play. The gangs who meet during the journey across town are known for their tricks that are dirty – like one member holds you by the back and holds you in place while another member of the gang is brutally beating you to death, while hunters can be taken away and then beat to death while they’re on. It is possible to fight dirty as well, however, and give a sly knee to the glute.

Classic System Rating 3/5 for Gameplay and graphics. Worthy games to try and play and.



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