All About “Farming” in Madden Ultimate Team

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All About Farming in Madden Ultimate Team

All About Farming in Madden Ultimate Team

*Note: This procedure was initially designed for PS3 versions of Madden 10 and 11 video games. *


In essence, the idea behind a “farming” account is just another term for a different account that you create to begin making coins. Here’s a list of advantages of an account called a “farming” account:

The ability for keeping higher than 55 limits on the card for players
You can easily manage the Ultimate Team and your “farming” team
The ability to exceed the purchase limit in the Weekly Deals
Free starter pack


Since that the PlayStation Network is free, the process of creating a new account is quite simple and takes only the creation of a new email address. However, it is essential to realize that just one email address will provide you with a single “farming” account. So, should you decide to create several “farming” accounts, you will require multiple email addresses. Follow these steps to establish your personal “farming” account:

Create a brand new User using the PS system
Create an entire account on the new PlayStation Network account for the new PS User
Install Madden and then proceed to the registration process for a new EA Sports account
Then, load the Ultimate Team, and proceed to create an entirely new team
That’s all there is!


It’s time to get into the fun. After you’ve got your starter kit and you’ll have players ready to go. As this is a farm account, the only goal of the account is to make coins. One way to accomplish this is to win lots of games. To improve your chances of winning, you must modify our strategy:

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Within the Ultimate Team main menu, go to “Settings” in the far-right
In “Game Options”, and change “Quarter length” to 1 minute and “Accelerated Clock Runoff” to 25 seconds.
Then, go back to the main menu and select “Penalties”, where you must change your “Offside” slider down to 0.
Once you have done that, enter “Player Skill” and set the “Preset Skill Level” to All-Madden difficulty.
Next, open “CPU Skill” and set each slider to the value of 0.
After you’ve completed this, you can play. You’ll notice how the match is extremely short and that the computer AI is terrible. Also, remember that offside penalties have been eliminated. This means that if the CPU is in the offensive mode, you are able to cover that line and be directly in front of the quarterback when the ball is snapped, and it will result in an instant sack.

The reason these settings are used is to increase effectiveness. You don’t want to stand on the couch for hours playing a game for the purpose of earning at most 800 coins when you can be playing ten different games within the same time frame and earn 400 coins for each game that is shorter. In the long term, you’ll earn more when playing shorter, lower-paying games instead of playing more lengthy, high-earning games.


Since every player will eventually finish their contract, it is essential to keep purchasing Bronze packs to prevent having unusable players. The best part about “farming” teams is that they are incredibly cheap and manageable. For just 500 coins, the Bronze pack will attract 7 to 8 new players at a time. However, sometimes you’ll require a couple of players in a particular place in the game. If that’s the scenario, then it’s better to buy these players at the position at the “Auction Block.” In any case, you’ll not be concerned all that much.

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The starter pack includes players who have at least seven contracts every. After playing seven games, you’ll have gained 2,500 coins at minimum. If you decide to take out 1,000 coins to buy 2 Bronze packs, you’ve earned yourself 1,500 coins while maintaining a good team. It is possible to make money from winning games even with low-cost players.


This list will show the maximum amount in coins that you are able to earn on specific tasks:

Play the game and win More than 300 coins
The All-Madden Level of Skill: 100+ Coin bonus
Rush for 250+ yards: 60 coins
Pass for 400+ yards: 60 coins
4 Passing TDs 60 coins
4 Rushing TDs with 60 coins
Do not allow not more than 50 meters for defence 20 coins
1 Defensive TD 25 coins
1. Special Team TD 25 coins


It’s probably the most crucial aspect of “farming.” There are only three steps to transfer the cash you’ve earned to the account you have set up for your “farming” account:

On the account you use for your “farming” account, determine the number of coins you would like you to move to the main account (for instance, 10k coins).
Go to your main account and put a low-cost, disposable card into your “Auction Block.” Make sure you place a “Buy-Out” price to the amount you have determined for transfer (in this instance, 10k dollars). Also, keep track of the type of card you’ve placed on auction.
Then, you can go back into the “farming” account and simply purchase the card that you have put up to purchase 10k dollars in”the “Auction Block.”
After selling fees After a few selling fees, you’ll notice that your MAIN account will now hold the money the seller “farmed!” This is definitely a long article, but I hope it was worth the effort. I’ll revise this every now and then as I come across new and better techniques. Thank you for reading and best of fortune “farming.”

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