Classic Game Review: Druid Commodore 64

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Classic Game Review Druid Commodore 64

Classic Game Review Druid Commodore 64

The development House Electralyte is the only company with a single product its credit that is Druid that was developed on Firebird on the commodore64 nearly four decades ago. Dene Carter claims to be “the person who designed Druid, which was loosely based off of the Games Workshop role-playing game. The game’s creator is also behind this sequel, which is essentially an upgraded version of the first game, offering 15 levels to explore and 32 spells available to choose from.

The Enlightenment takes place in 103 years following the time when Hasrinaxx the Druid was able to remove the evil Acamantor’s influence away from the Land of Belron. The evil one is back, and it’s now up to the Druid to take down his foe once and for all. The action begins in the town of Ishtar, where zombies and skeletons are at sight, and sometimes trees take over and join the battle. The Druid takes out his enemies by firing them with bolts of electricity, which drain the reservoir of energy – in the event that his electrical reserves are too low. The hero is in danger as he waits on the reserve to refill. There are spells available for use and collection.

Similar to the original game screen, it scrolls through the Druid while he navigates the maze-like aspects that are the scenery. The locked doors block the route between areas and block access to the following levels. However, it can be opened the key if it is found located in the inventory. The inventory is comprised of eight pockets and an electronic pocket-select device that allows you to pick items, store them, and then bring them into use. If the pace of action becomes frantic, trying to search your pockets in search of an item that is useful can be annoying.

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The play area spans ten lands and five levels within Acamantor’s sanctuary. The great outdoors is a landscape of fire and desert and woodlands, rocky plains, swampland, caverns, and water. Of Darkness and a smoky area of fungus as well as an ice area. This time the Druid is able to choose from four elements that can be summoned to serve as travelling companions, including the heavy clay Golem, which accompanied him in the initial game. There’s Wisp, an extremely fast but fragile Air Elemental. Phoenix is the Fire Elemental that is fast-moving but is weakened by water, and Kraken Kra-ken, which is the Water Elemental that is rendered ineffective by the heat.

Spell power and magic are the foundation of every Druid, and this is no exception. The magic of the world that is both offensive and defensive can be found scattered across the playing area, including two distinct strengths of “Smart Bomb” Death light and land, which can kill most creatures within a specific range.

Lightning bolts are ten times stronger than regular electric bolts and are highly effective in dealing with death. They can be blocked with spells, such as those of Crucifix and Turn Away spells, which scare creatures away. The Slow spell causes lethargy in the creatures that are attacking, allowing you to take on them. If keys aren’t in supply, The Door blast spell will open every door within a particular area, killing any creatures within the range in the process.


The short-term spells of protection are those that provide short-term protection, such as the Fire shield (as its name suggests it shields against fire) as well as the Armour spell, which blocks minion attacks.

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The Teleport magic spell over a magical symbol will move the Druid to the symbol located in a different region, while the Resurrection spell may be the most effective spot for magic. It acts as a save game feature that creates an inscription on the gravestone after its cast that allows the Druid to return after death, with all the strength.

If the be the energy of the Druid as well as his elemental are declining, the appropriate spell can revive them. Likewise, in the event that all around is dark, the lasting Create Light magic causes the Druid to shine, which is an excellent effect like the one seen on Ultimate Entombed.

Magical radar can be found in the form of The Seeing Eye spell that reveals an idea of what’s just in the next corner and two mysterious morsels that are referred to as the Horn of Beacon and the Coin of Charon can be found at a later point in the game. In the end, the most potent spell to date is White Orb used to destroy Acamantor and attain Enlightenment.

This game is a true classic in every way because it contains all the components of a fantastic game. My rating for this game is 5 out of 5.



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