Best Blitz Plans for Modern Warfare 2

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Best Blitz Plans for Modern Warfare 2

Best Blitz Plans for Modern Warfare 2


This can be pretty entertaining and also really put off the opposing team if you choose this method. If you’re in the planting position, your principal goal is to get away from the enemy so that you don’t get noticed and then take the enemy one at a time from behind. This can be accomplished by starting out and running forward ( you may need to leap over that brick walls) and then right into the first building in front, climbing the stairs and continuing running until you reach the top. Then jump off and look down. Most likely, at this point, you’ll fly over an enemy you are able to shoot straight down. Once he’s gone, proceed down the steps you’ve just landed on. Move your haul butts to the left, then take the first exit to the ground ( take the left entrance ) and then a quick right…at this point, you’ll be right at your spawn…if you’re lucky, which is often the case, and you’re lucky, there’s someone sitting there (stab the guy so that you don’t lose your place of residence). After you’ve removed those two, climb up the stairs to the building with a view of the plant field. Once there, look over the roof and throw one of the crates on the left of the screen…usually, an individual is sitting there. Once you’ve got those kills, you can walk the street in front of your straight up to the point where you were starting point and walk all the way to the opposite side. The game should be over, or you’ll have one person remaining with 3-4 kills. If you’re in the defensive position then, you should run past the first building to your left and walk up the street. When you reach this point, you can throw a grenade on top ( which is where there is a truck ) and attempt to explore the truck. It will result in a kill and possibly two since they have are just being spawned. A small number will move that way. After the area is cleared with your excellent grenade throw, then get to the spawn area as fast as you can and then check the first window (jump onto the trash can). The sniper is sitting in the dumpster and then continue on precisely the same way you did before planting. This will force you to dominate the map and emerge with a win every time.

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Let’s begin by with the planting. From the point, you spawn, turn right and straight ahead into the tiny dark building (L designed, with an elevator to go upstairs…don’t go there! !!). After entering the building, you’ll hear an exploding grenade from of the windows in front (no glass) located in front of you towards the back where the tiny alley is…congrats for another successful kill. You don’t have to look at the grenade explode, just move it to the right and leave that building. If you’ve got the bomb, place it immediately! Then, go down the straight and correct. There is a tiny staircase that leads to the glass building. Place yourself on those stairs, facing the street. You’ll be shocked by the number of people who will walk right by you …& and stab them (not giving your location away). Do not look around and inspect the bomb. You’ll be able to hear them opening it and then try to disarm. This is when you appear and clear the area. If you don’t have the bomb, take the same path to the back and follow the borders on the map…this one can be a little tricky, but continue to move around the boundaries. If you go off into the streets, you are sure to die. Now you are defending. From the spawn, run toward the same building you dropped the grenade from and threw it into the window while you the butt in that direction. Once the grenade is torn through the window, remain left and walk into the building while seated behind the corner (where you will see the entryway). Use a stun or flash to impact the door’s frame and bounce onto the hallway…this will notify you whether it is safe to continue. After clearing, go out of the door, then back to the plant spawn, and follow the road until you come to the stairs to the right. Go up to them and look over the roofs. After clearing that space, turn left, and the statue is located on the concrete platform. Sit there for a few minutes or just stroll around. There should be only one person remaining, if.

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We’re going to begin planting again. As you begin, head toward the right, and continue straight. Just when you are near the 18 wheeler, you should throw a grenade to make it into the caged fuel area (you can blow up the entire cage..there are none left). Go past the truck and up the hill. Take a left (so you’ll see the house to the left). Throw a flash or a stun into the area and continue (we are going to return). Take a U-turn and head upwards on the hill (the place you just blow up) and search for wandering shooters. When you’re done, you can jump over the other side (through that fence) and back inside the building that which you just threw the light into (but you should enter from the opposite side) since they’ll be watching the door behind them. Take them off and head to the upstairs area, where you’ll usually be able to spot a couple in the hallway, which you are able to easily reach by stepping back. You should now be in the first place with kills…congrats! If you are defending, don’t run through the tracks ( extremely explosive high up there), remain on the ground and turn left until the building is to your left. Then, run up the hill and then glance to the right. You will see someone who is running right by the truck (oh, you could shoot a grenade from there, as you have a very high chance of striking somebody). Do not stay on the road alongside the truck. Instead, move under that covered platform and make your way towards the spawn…you are now in front of them. Just keep moving to the following planter field, as you’ll be behind the enemy who is unable to be able to see you. After some practice, you’ll dominate this game! Which classes should you choose for rushing? To make use of the perks marathon pro, lightweight, stopping power (your option) and the ninja pro.

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