Halo Reach – Review

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Halo Reach - Review

Halo Reach - Review


Halo Reach, released on September 14th, 2010, is excellent for the already excellent Halo series. Remember, you are not playing the role of Master Chief in the game; you are playing as the less popular soldier, named “Noble 6”. The game is based on the actions and story of the Noble Team, a particular group of UNSC super-soldiers, also known as Spartans. The story is typical of the Halo series in the sense that suspense and action are concerned; however, the main difference in this game is the connection you have to the main character Noble 6. Noble 6 appears to be significantly higher-quality as compared to Master Chief. Master Chief was an individual and relied on his new weapons and force in order to defeat the Covenant Noble 6, whereas Noble 6 abides by the Noble Team and employs strategy and teamwork in the fight. The Halo Reach campaign Halo Reach heavily involves teamwork with your friends.


Halo Reach has brilliantly upgraded the online component of this game. Now, you can personalize your armour to be more unique than you have ever. There are a variety of knee pads, colours for visors, as well as utility belts and the most significant addition to the date of the load-outs. There are loads of different options to suit different game types. You can choose the basic one where you can run through battle, or you could use a shield to block your armour in place to protect you from injuries and even get a jetpack! The load-outs alter this game in a significant way. The game also has a new credit system that allows players to buy different kinds of armour as well as armour effects. Some effects appear after your death, whereas others are visible throughout the game. It’s a nice feature, but while armour won’t grant you any type of armour-related bonus or any other, however, it does look nice. Also, there is a revamped Veto system, which lets players choose one of the different stages Bungie has created or simply bypass all of them to get the new stage selection. There’s an additionally Firefight mode that is distinct in comparison to Firefight that you can play in Halo ODST. When you play in the Firefight mode, there are no limits on the number of deaths you can take, and there are different levels as well as mechanics that are available for Firefight in Reach.

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Visually, Halo Reach is grittier and more accurate in comparison to the cartoon-like graphics of Halo 3. The colours are darker, and the textures are of higher resolution. The physics appear to be more fluid. It seems like everything has been polished to make this game a total success.

Game Play

The gameplay is ingenious and much more fast-paced than Halo 3. With customization options for armour and load-outs and effects, there’s plenty of choice between offline and online gameplay. Reach offers more significant replay potential than other games within the Halo series due to its diversity and depth. Forge has been redesigned, and it’s now easy to construct a stunning map with less time. There are brand new weapons, too, and all are perfectly balanced. Levels could get more extensive and more spacious. If you’re used to the spacious, open areas in Halo 3, don’t expect similar levels in this game. The default button layout has been altered. However, you have the option of going to the old controls from Halo 3 if you wish. I’ve had more fun and enjoyable experience playing Halo Reach thus far. I haven’t seen any major bugs or glitches yet during the campaign. While there are occasional problems when playing online, like games not connecting in a variety of strange ways, they are very rarely that I wouldn’t consider them as breaking the game.


The sound and music from Halo Reach are great. The sounds of gunshots echoes, and vehicles sound very real. The music is ideally suited to each mission and also helps to prevent the repetitive sound of war from becoming old-fashioned. The voice acting is excellent in this game and allows you to feel connected to every character and feel connected to their character in a unique way.

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Overall, the game is an enjoyable experience to play with. With the many new features and improvements, paired with the same high-end quality you can expect by Bungie, Halo Reach has proved to be an excellent contribution for Halo. Halo series. Master Chief is very proud.



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