Your Shape: Fitness Evolved for Kinect and Xbox 360 Game Consoles

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Your Shape Fitness Evolved for Kinect and Xbox 360 Game Consoles

Your Shape Fitness Evolved for Kinect and Xbox 360 Game Consoles

Your Shape Fitness Evolved is a brand new game that is available for Xbox 360. Xbox 360 game console utilizing the brand new Kinect motion-sensing device. The term “Your Shape: Fitness” Evolved as a game is an overstatement, but it’s actually an exercise program created to motivate players to get off their couches and in shape. You Shape Fitness evolved, developed by Ubisoft Montreal, is a launch game to the Kinect peripheral. It was released on the 4th of November, 2010.

First, a few embarrassing facts. I’m not in great shape in any way. I’m 6’3″ and am weighing about 250 pounds after quitting smoking a few years ago. Also, I’m inactive, to say the least. The most strenuous exercise I do regularly is walking up and down the stairs in my apartment. I’ve been trying to make changes to my lifestyle for several years and decided to go with Kinect, and the fitness app Your Shape Evolution as a way to me get on the right path to burning off calories and getting in shape.

Your Shape Your Shape: Fitness Evolved begins by asking you numerous fitness-related questions and makes use of your Kinect sensor to detect you in the game. Your avatar in the game isn’t cartoon-like like it’s seen in other Kinect games, but instead, an exact representation of you, capturing more than 50,000 dots or points within your body. The accuracy of the tracking lets You Shape Fitness Evolution provide you with detailed feedback on your exercise routine, letting you know instantly whether you’re exercising correctly.

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Your Shape: Fitness Evolved Features

The workouts that are included in Your Shape: Fitness Evolved are divided into three parts that include Personal Trainer, Fitness Classes as well as Gym Games. By using the body scan as well as asking you a few questions, the Personal Trainer creates the workout program to suit your fitness level in accordance with your objectives. The routines vary with workouts that are taken from Men’s Health and Women’s Health magazines and workouts developed by fitness experts who are well-known. Your score is based on your posture and by following the trainer on screen. A counter on the screen displays the number of calories you’ve burned in a given time. So far, I’ve stuck to my Nice and Easy routine, which has resulted in a total of 100 calories every time.

Its Fitness Class section of Your Shape: Fitness Evolved contains two workouts: Cardio boxing and Zen training. Cardio boxing is comprised of a variety of workout routines that involve kickboxing. Zen training is focused upon slower Tai Chi exercises, which can be great to warm up or cool down after other exercises. The Kinect’s skeletal tracker shows how your posture is performing and shows you the steps you must take to perfect the exercise.

The final part of Your Shape: Fitness Evolution includes Gym Games. It includes a variety of games that will keep your heart racing. Virtual Smash will have you smash blocks, making the player feel just like Mario and Light Race. Light Race is part of Dance Dance Revolution, and Simon Says. The gym games are easy and designed to burn fat in an enjoyable and enjoyable way.

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Since I got The Your Shape Fitness Evolution, I’ve exercised 3-4 days before the day off. I’m still playing games using the Kinect during rest days, so I’m not entirely uninvolved. So far, I’ve been working through my Personal Trainer program (Nice and easy) and an hour in Cardio Boxing or Zen Tai Chi (or both!) every day, getting a good sweat in and burning at a minimum of 100 calories per session. In the beginning, I was painful due to my lack of activity, but my pain is now less. I’m getting better in my workout routine. I can complete a whole series of Tap Side Tap Back without being a struggle. I haven’t observed an increase in weight. However, it’s very early. I noticed the last morning that my knees do not pop or swell as much as they did in the past, which is an improvement. I’m looking forward to keeping working and hope to see the results in the coming months.



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