Free Wii Game Demos

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Free Wii Game Demos

Free Wii Game Demos

On the 22nd of November, it will be possible to download demos of games for free from WiiWare. The company used to permit download demos, but they stopped it in January and then came up with an even stricter policy. The demos will be made available for a limited time, with new demos released every Monday. For the first time, available Wii demos will include BIT. TRIP FATE and Yet It Moves Through Space, as well as Jett Rocket. This article provides a brief description of each of the games.


the most recent instalment of the Gijin and Aksys series. It’s an on-rails shooter, which means your character is on the same path of travel while the screen scrolls between left and right. The principal persona, Commander Video, is an icon that is large with only one soft spot, an orange plus symbol. It’s a game from the past featuring synthesizers as well as 80s-era graphics. The only things that are modern are the motion-sensing Nunchuk and the Remote Plus that you play with. However, don’t let this discourage you from purchasing this game because there are numerous favourable reviews of the game. It’s an excellent buy for those who want something fun and straightforward.

The game And Yet It Moves

when you turn your surroundings 90 degrees to finish the game. The character you play as is a colourless drawn cutout that is able to move through different areas like forests and caves. There aren’t any enemies to confront. You just have to ensure that when you rotate the levels to ensure that no rocks will bludgeon you. The indie game has received a number of favourable reviews, even though it’s pretty tiny; in under two hours, you could beat it. The game is basically about getting from one location to the next.

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The game ThruSpace

is an updated version of Tetris. The only difference is that the blocks that you play with are three-dimensional as you turn them around. In essence, you move your blocks through walls that have tiny gaps. It’s a game that moves forward, so you don’t watch blocks slowly slide downwards as in Tetris. You feel like you’re flying while you move your blocks across each wall. Simply navigating walls can be tedious, but combining and executing tricks to score more points in a limited time can make it more interesting.

Jett Rocket,

compared to the other platforms WiiWare offers, is stunningly beautiful, like Ratchet as well as Clank. The player’s character is equipped with an air-jet pack to assist players in overcoming obstacles and escaping from dangerous situations. He travels to sandy beaches, mountains covered in snow and muddy swamps as he fights robots at the power plant. He’s trying to clear the surrounding. There is a consensus that this isn’t a challenging game, but it’s mostly for kids. However, it’s enjoyable to discover the complex environments.

They are the free Wii demos which Nintendo will offer at the end of this month. If you’d like to try the games for free, make sure you do it quickly, as they’ll only be accessible for a brief period.

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