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Max Payne 3


Max Payne 3

Many people who love Max Payne are eagerly waiting for Max Payne 3, which was scheduled to release in the second quarter of 2009. Fans were forced to wait since the release was delayed until 2010 by the game’s developer Rockstar Vancouver, alongside several other Take-Two Interactive franchises in order to “benefit from having more development time.” The fans were a bit disappointed that the game was delayed to June of 2010. the game was delayed again to 2011. It is now anticipated that the game will be out before the end of October. It is hoped that this is the final straw of the long wait. The ESRB rating for the game is still in the process.

Max Payne 3 will be released through Rockstar Games for Microsoft Windows, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. The game is still in mystery as everything remains in the dark. Screenshots of the game were made public, as well as an introduction to the new chapters in Max’s story by the game’s creators.


The Rockstar’s Sam Houser says that they have introduced an entirely new chapter in Max’s story within Max Payne 3. Max appears with only a few physical changes. He’s bigger and has a beard and shaved hair. The long coat with a black t-shirt was not a relic of previous events. However, it is Max that appears in an untinted white sleeveless top with cargo pants.

James McCaffrey’s voice has not been employed by Rockstar as it does not be appropriate given how old Max has gotten older. The voice actor used isn’t an established name, but Rockstar is confident and says that it is appropriate, and the studio has provided Max numerous lines of internal dialogue that are in the manner of previous games.

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Alongside the new style, Max will be stepping into a different world. He’s no longer in the underground warehouses, dark streets and construction sites that are typical of New York, but in Sao Paulo, as he left for the Brazilian city to escape his former life. In Sao Paulo, Payne is employed in the private security industry for a wealthy family.


Max Payne 3 is coming with a completely different setting. The animations and the attention to detail in the environment are awe-inspiring. It has really improved the gun-play and overall experience. Screenshots released by Rockstar have a brighter and more vibrant setting, and a lot of locations for action are played when the sun is shining. Rockstar stated that a couple of levels might be played at night or during rain.

Similar to the previous two-game, Max Payne 3 will include a bullet-time system, which lets Max slow those who are around him while performing diving and dodges as well as blasting bullets. A bullet cam that follows bullets that hit targets is included in Max Payne 3 to give it a more stylish look.

The game is developed using Rockstar’s RAGE and NaturalMotion’s Euphoria technology, which allows opponents to react in a realistic manner with the hope of delivering an enhanced sense of reality. Multiplayer is included in this game with the Deathmatch-Mode.


Online components, including Multiplayer.
The ability to use two guns.
The healing process involves an addiction to painkillers that is a part of the story.
A realistic way of possessing and making use of weapons.
Human shields.
More destructible objects.
Cover System is introduced.
Life-saving kill shots

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