Nintendo Wii Compared to PS3 Move, and Microsoft Kinect

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Nintendo Wii Compared to PS3 Move, and Microsoft Kinect


Nintendo Wii Compared to PS3 Move, and Microsoft Kinect

In the last few years over the past few years, in the last few years, the Nintendo Wii has held pride of place in living spaces across the globe as a gaming console that is suitable for all the family. Because of the revolutionary interface and the fact that it was the first console to launch motion capture controls, millions of gamers who wouldn’t have thought of buying the Wii before have decided to purchase the console, and it’s become the centre of entertainment.

The sales from Nintendo’s Nintendo Wii have far surpassed the expectations of Nintendo and all the other console manufacturers, and for the last three years, they’ve been working to create their own systems to connect with gamers who are casual. With the introduction of Microsoft Kinect and PS3 Play, it is now possible to have other options available to Wii; however, which is the best choice?

Nintendo Wii

First to market may be the first one to fail, however with the Wii, this wasn’t the situation. With more than four years of development behind it and a myriad of updates for both software and Wiimotes itself, the console remains enjoyable to play. Its Motion Plus system added a significant amount of precision and brought the console to more avid gamers.

One drawback for many players is that many Wii Games are a bit cute, Mario is seen as an image for kids, and the lack of genuinely top-quality FPS games is considered to be an obstacle.

PS3 Move

While the first PS3 controllers had an accelerometer in the internal circuit that enabled gamers to control games using gestures by the user, However, this Sixaxis feature was never implemented in the gaming console, and it was launched in the form of Move that brought about the significant difference.

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In general, the Move is similar to Wiimote. It is a lot like the Wiimote in that the Move comes with a wand that is tracked by cameras and accelerometers to determine the direction and location in 3D. Early games suggest that the accuracy of the controller is comparable to the Wiimote However, the main issue is whether serious gamers will move to the new console and if a gaming console priced about twice the price that of Nintendo Wii can capture a significant share of the market.

Microsoft Kinect

The Kinect is a totally different way to interact with your Xbox 360. In lieu of a controller, the three-dimensional cameras of the console simply detect user movements and translate them into gameplay. People around the world have also discovered the possibility of connecting Kinect to their computers to create a Minority Report-style interface for less than the cost of other devices.

The advantages in the market which Xbox currently has combined to the ability of more people are able to interact with it, and the fact that it’s an entirely different model from Move or Wiimote allows developers to be capable of being more creative with their games and offer an experience that is more immersive. Kinect is a great device for gamers. Kinect is also able to allow more players to play games without having to purchase expensive additional equipment.


All three systems have their space. With Wii, it’s all about the wide range of games already available and also the fact that motion capture was an integral aspect of the console’s idea. The move can be viewed as a re-imagined model of Wii, which has more mature games, despite a small market and inertia can hinder development. Kinect is so revolutionary and unique that it is likely to take the lead against rival systems. Microsoft has already made a commitment to retaining Xbox 360 for at least three years more, establishing its position at the centre of the living room, which could be the most significant feature that will be a part of its launch.

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