Great Games of 2010

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Great Games of 2010

Great Games of 2010

2010 year was a fantastic year for games. We take a look at the top five games of 2010.

Halo: Reach

There is no way to say that Halo “It’s fine” it’s a game that you either love or dislike; for me personally, I’ve always loved the Halo series, especially the first and number 2 way back in the days of. Halo: Reach is a fantastic new addition to the series, though the gameplay may be familiar as well as the on-screen indicator like the radar, etc. Halo: Reach continues to introduce new features and a charming menu for games. The menu is not only attractive, but it’s also user-friendly. The campaign is fantastic. It allows you to play solo or in a co-op; the campaign mode and missions require you to employ the right strategies.

Mass Effect 2

Here we go again with another excellent sequel. The guys at BioWare are undoubtedly able to create great RPGs. They have Mass Effect 3 on the way; things look good. Not Mass effect three will also be available on the PS3. I recommend playing the first Mass Effect before playing number 2. In Mass Effect 2, you are the role of commander Shepard and must defend the world. In a world populated by aliens and human-like creatures, Mass Effect blends a fantastic story and a virtual experience. The features for customizing faces that are available in the game are great, and you can create realistic-looking faces and look very similar to the real world; it’s fantastic!

Alan Wake

The game is a level of its own. In my life, I’ve never experienced an emotional horror like this, Alan Wake has an excellent storyline, and the plot keeps you engaged and encased until you discover what happens at the end of the story. This game is built around the character Alan Wake who is a writer. For two years, Wake suffers from writer’s block. His wife is convinced that she and Wake should travel to Bright Falls in the hope that Wake will overcome his writer’s block. When they arrive, his wife is gone; wake is now writing about something, and in a more profound sense, this is only the beginning of the epic horror. I won’t go into detail too far for your enjoyment!


Red Dead Redemption

A game for cowboys that takes place back to the time where we all owned horses, farms, and crops. You are John Marston, a man who used to be associated with a group of criminals (in the game) and had his family members taken from him. Now he has to assist the law to locate these evil men who left him dead and to make them pay for their actions. What is his motivation for helping the law? Well, it is because they hold his relatives on an insurance policy and will allow them to be released to Marston when he keeps his word. Talk about blackmail.

Call of Duty Black Ops

Yeah, sure, it’s not Call of Duty yet, but personally, I think the single-player is fantastic, but the online multiplayer? Yes! Modern Warfare 2, please? Tell me what you love about Black Ops; the matter of fact is that it record-breaking and made the game industry gain some recognition. The game itself is excellent, but I’m just a bit disappointed by the multiplayer, but it’s me; it has been a hit worldwide and continues to sell a lot of copies, with the price hasn’t dropped much.

There you have it, the best five games of the year and also great locations to purchase these.



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