How to Get Better at Playing Call of Duty Black Ops

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How to Get Better at Playing Call of Duty Black Ops

How to Get Better at Playing Call of Duty Black Ops

The top-secret document that follows is the intelligence document that a spy undercover has retrieved in The Black OPS headquarters.

Agent #416 is reporting to

As per the instructions, we’ve been watching the enemy in the hope that we can find their weaknesses and exploit any mistakes. After a couple of months, a variety of pattern patterns started to appear. As we watch enemies re-spawn, we’ve noticed that they behave in three predetermined manners. We have categorized these three behavior patterns into tactical, prestige, and infant practices. With a better knowledge of these habits, we have been able to alter the course of battle to our advantage.

Prestige enemies

do not waste time when they respawn. They are well-versed in the map and start to speed towards the middle of the map immediately from the start. If they’re close enough, the enemies are able to B-Line straight towards their assassins in the hope that they will take the killers out before they’ve had an opportunity to move. This is why camping is not a good option. There is a chance that you will gain a couple of kills, but if you aren’t moving for a long time and the enemy is waiting to return for you and be well-prepared.

Tactical enemies

are typically enough that they will have small-scale kill streak rewards waiting for them when they respawn. Because they’re clever enough not to interrupt their progress when they are within mid-air, they opt to start their kill streaks each time they re-spawn. They locate a safe spot to rest and begin to earn rewards that range from sending care packages to deploying CDs. When they’ve exhausted all their reward points, they start to shift towards the middle of the map, too. We’ve begun to comprehend the best strategies to defeat these enemies once they begin to begin killing streaks. People dropping care packages can be the easiest to follow as we can track their airdrops for a quick kill, and RC-XDs have learned to let go to allow us to advance and eliminate the attacker.

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Newborn enemies

These foes were quite entertaining to watch. A lot would appear and remain in a stalemate. Others would slowly turn and walk towards near the edges of the map and then sit on the ground and not move. Others would run around in circles or stare at the edge of the road after spending a few days watching the bizarre behaviors that they’re playing with emotion instead of thinking. While this may make them slightly more cautious but it also slows their reaction times and precision. This is why they’re easy targets as long as you move between them quickly.

We hope the above information has been helpful. We invite you to send us orders based on this report.

Agent #416, Awaiting orders

The depth of information in the report on intelligence can give any field agent an advantage in combat. You can study the word yourself or visit our database of secure documents. The report contains an analysis of an intelligence report written by one of the world’s most renowned tactical military analysts, as well as the operating instructions for agent 416, designed to assist him in combat. provides tips, tricks, and techniques for Call of Duty Black Ops. Our mission is to help players and newcomers alike to enhance their skills and general gaming experience in the highly competitive field of first-person shooters.



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