How to Copy Wii Games: Step by Step Instructions

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How to Copy Wii Games Step by Step Instructions

How to Copy Wii Games Step by Step Instructions

A number of readers have asked for more specific instructions on how to replicate Nintendo Wii video games, so I’ve written these up for you to read!

In the past, you had to plug into a modchip in order to play ripped games. I have written about modchips before in this article. In essence, a modchip is a particular type of computer chip that is required to be inserted into the Wii console. This requires breaking the open of your Wii that in turn will void the warranty.

Today, there’s an alternative. Innovative coder-developed software that can effectively remove the security of the Nintendo Wii games so that you don’t have to modify your Wii any way to play games that are duplicated.

In conclusion, Here are the details:


Download the application, then save it as an executable file on your desktop. The identical file works on the Mac as well as a PC. I believe they are working on a program specifically for Linux.


Install the program. Find your file on your PC. Double-click it. Click next every time it asks you to. You’ll know you’re done when you see an error message telling you that the installation has been completed.


Select which Wii game you would like to duplicate. Install it on an optical drive (the DVD or CD burner) on your computer or Mac.


Launch the game clone program that you downloaded. (Simply double-click the icon on the desktop)


This is where the significant difference is in relation to the attempt to duplicate games with traditional CD-burning software such as Windows Media Player or even Roxio. You must “rip” the disc that contains the game. Select the option in the game copy program to extract the disc, then decide where you would like to save the file. I would suggest that you use the desktop, just like before. Then select “Start.”

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Okay, if you were able to make it this far, I’m going to assume that your copy was completed correctly. If not, you can start over in Step Two. Now, pull off the optical disc that contains your game and then insert a blank DVD or DVD inside it. Any type of DVD or CD that can be used with the drive should be able to work. In the menu for applications, choose the “write” option. Browse to the file that was copied onto your desktop. Then click “Start.”


After it’s finished, the app will play some fun music to notify you that it’s finished and then will inform you that it’s finished. Excellent! You can now simply take away the game, draw the label with the sharpie pen then you’re ready to go! Make sure to keep your original version of the game in a secure and secure spot, as well as to ensure that you never play your copy of the game!

That means you don’t have to be a computer hardware hacker or even invalidate the warranty for backing up games in accordance with legally permitted. Just follow these guidelines, and you’ll be set!



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