The Worst Three Xbox 360 Games Revealed

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The Worst Three Xbox 360 Games Revealed

The Worst Three Xbox 360 Games Revealed

Let’s face it, we’ve all bought some poor games over the years, and I’m not the only one. I’m fortunate enough that companies are now sending me games to play and review, which means I don’t have to spend money buying crap, and hopefully, tomorrow, I’ll be able to do the same for you.

I am not one to slam games since I know I may not be a fan of the game, but another person is bound to love it; however, with the next couple of games, I’m begging anyone to stay clear of these games because they are among the top 10 most awful games ever created by an Xbox 360.

The games now are not in any order since they all go down equally severely.


Do you remember the movie featuring the guy who could transfer? You wouldn’t think that you’d remember it, but the gameplay is just similar to the movie. Actually, I’m laying it’s 100 times worse than the film, and if you get an opportunity to try or purchase it, don’t it, just take the game and throw it on the ground and stamp it. Once you’ve stamped it, you might want to place petrol on top and then light it up and then stamp it again.

You might be wondering, are you really thinking that it’s not so bad? and perhaps I’ve exaggerated a little bit, but the majority of what I’ve stated is accurate. The jumper was straight ported from a different system to Xbox 360. Xbox 360, usually when this happens, the developer takes some time to modify the game’s look better. In this case, they shouldn’t have been more uninformed. The game was based on horrible graphics like the one released for the PS2 and also had fantastic gameplay to go with it.

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Sonic the Hedgehog

It is a real pain to add Sonic to this list. However, when Sonic made a move onto Xbox 360, Xbox 360, it was as if Sega lost sight of the reason Sonic was so popular with its fans initially. Sonic was no longer able to run at the capability to run at a super-fast speed, and instead, Sonic was more like an elderly person suffering from arthritis. Sega did kick the tiny man when he was tired and introduced more characters who did not need to be in the game.

The hedgehog with the spikes was not ultimately defeated by DR Robotnik but ended up losing due to sloppy camera angles, poor control, and poor game strategy.


Like Sonic, I have no negative thoughts about taking on Nascar 08 as EA games totally destroyed the sport in such a way that I’d prefer to be shot, stabbed and mugged, rather than racing another lap. The entire point of the NASCAR race is to pick our favorite drivers and race through the track as fast as is humanly possible. EA games, however, did not have the same idea and decided to make driving a NASCAR car impossible to manage, and, from the second lap, they determined that every vehicle pulls towards the left regardless of the damage to their vehicles.

I believe it’s much simpler to participate in an actual NASCAR race than to win a race at Nascar 08. Shame on EA. EA.



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