The Best Assassins Creed – Assassins Creed Brotherhood – Xbox 360 Game Review

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The Best Assassins Creed - Assassins Creed Brotherhood - Xbox 360 Game Review

The Best Assassins Creed - Assassins Creed Brotherhood - Xbox 360 Game Review

The online multiplayer game for the assassin’s Creed Brotherhood game is one of the most enjoyable multiplayer titles I’ve ever played for quite a while. Before I played the multiplayer, I was intrigued to see what it could be like. Ubisoft has spent a lot of effort into the multiplayer and offers different game types like Wanted, Alliance, and Manhunt.


The game is a free-for-all type of game where players are an opponent and a target simultaneously. Personally, I think this type of game is complex as you must remain in the dark to score the most points from the incognito kill. However, you have to be vigilant and ready to escape the pursuer.


If you’re planning to participate in an Alliance game, I suggest that you play with an acquaintance or someone you know who wears a headset since communication is crucial. The alliance comprises three teams, with each of them hunting as well as being chased. Prior to the game’s start, it will notify you who you are pursuing and who you are aiming at.


Manhunt games last for 10 minutes and are divided into two periods. In the first half of the game, your team will either be a hunter or a hunter. If you’re part of the hunted team, your goal is to stay in the dark and stay alive, whereas when you’re on the hunter’s side, your goal is to get killed. In the second part of the game, the roles change. I believe this is the most enjoyable game because it’s straightforward to progress because you’ll gain a lot of experience with 3-4 players to take out.

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On the 18th of January, Assassin’s Creed had its 2nd free DLC launch on the market. The content that is available for download includes the game’s new map as well as the game’s new type of game which is “Chest Capture’.

Chest Capture

The most recent game is a fascinating game. Here you’ll be playing in which two teams comprised of 3 or 4 players who are defending or taking the chest. The compass of the protector will lead them to the hunter but not to the cupboards. The hunters ‘ compasses clutch them to the three compartments. To get a chest to be taken, the hunter must be in an area around the chest. The larger the circle of hunters, the faster they will capture the chest. If a guardian is within the chest, their compass stops synchronizing, and you’ll need to use your observation skills to determine who the hunters are and who the AI is.

Story mode

The story mode for this game, I believe it’s fantastic! I’ve only played the first Assassin’s Creed. I tried the second attempt but found myself quickly annoyed when I attempted to pursue Ezio’s brother. I kept my auto on a bench and then continued to fail the race, and I gave up on the race. I’m yet to complete the story mode, but so far, it’s been well! I’m not sure of the storyline in the game, as I’ve missed an entire chapter due to not finishing the second game, but I’ll post an update once I’ve spent the game.

To sum up, I believe that this game is fantastic in general, and I’d recommend it to anyone who played the previous Assassins creed titles as this is, without doubt, the best. I also suggest it to anyone who is looking for a game that has an alternative way of playing online. The only negative I can comment on is the difficulty in connecting to the internet; however, even though Ubisoft has improved the game but it takes some time to locate an online game. The game is worth playing. I rate it 9/10.

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