Goriest Video Games Part 2

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Goriest Video Games Part 2

Goriest Video Games Part 2

When we were getting comfortable playing excellent, sweet games such as Super Mario Brothers and Tetris, the game designers were forced to make a mess of the process. They added violence and blood. Great. We older people who were forced to navigate the game market of old that was dominated by Pac-Man, Mario Kart, and other similar games actually were able to view some adult-themed content. Of course, it’s an important thing to know the type of games I’m referring to.

Here at FedEx, we’d like to get a glimpse into these games that aren’t just sprinkled with a touch of red from time to time. However, they are saturated with bloody violence, gore, and blood. I’ve gathered some games which are bloody and gory and full of things we, as gore and horror enthusiasts, enjoy. This is the second installment of the Goriest Video Games series from FedEx. Let’s look at the next one in our collection!

Bloodrayne Series

A third-person action-adventure video game Bloodrayne came out in the year 2002. It was released in 1933. The Bloodrayne story is set in a world in which there are vampires. The principal character, Rayne, is a half-human vampire, also known as a Dhampir. Rayne is a vampire killer or any other creature that comes in her way to the point of searching for her father. Her arrest was made in Europe after an unending rampage. In the end, she was rescued by a secret group called The Brimstone Society. The Brimstone Society is specialized in the elimination of supernatural dangers.

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While it’s been a long time since I played Bloodrayne, I do recall how bloody the game was. When you’re fighting off opponents, you’ll see bloody body parts floating around, along with plenty from blood-sucking, particularly from Rayne herself.

Bloodrayne takes on baddies in innovative ways, such as cutting off the villains to treat grinding and then transferring the healing process to conveniently placed rhino heads.

Of course, the gore isn’t even the only thing that is apparent within this game. You can take the time to glance at Rayne. Her clothes are in a manner that flatters her figure.

Manhunt Series

A manhunt is a stealth-based game that was developed in 2003 by Rockstar Games. Despite the positive reviews, Manhunt was the center of debate due to the graphic realism of violence in the game. A manhunt was banned in various nations. Manhunt 2 came out in 2007 and caused similar controversy.

The debate that Manhunt encountered was about the way you kill your foes. In the game, there are three different levels, and every story is more bloody than the previous one. Level one executions can be most bloody. Level 2 is more bloody than level 2, and Level 3 is the most brutal of execution levels you can execute. For instance, if you are using plastic bags and you just slip the bag over their heads and let the enemy breathe. The second stage is to place bags over the head; then, you continue kneeling them till they’re down. In the final stage, the attacker strangles, punches, and breaks their neck as the opponent groans in pain and is afflicted by a low oxygen level.

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Manhunt has twenty levels that you can explore and four levels that can be unlocked, also known as “Scenes.” The Scenes are played through require you as the player to make it through by taking out the gang members as quietly as is possible. You take them down with aplomb innovative, imaginative, and violent methods.

The player is rated from 1 to 5 stars depending on how quickly you finish each level and how horrifically you killed your foes. You can earn higher scores by performing Executions on characters, making players feel as groans as they can. While you progress throughout the different levels, you’ll be able to cover yourself in dark areas to wait until the perfect moment to strike your opponent.

You’re given a range of weapons you can utilize against the criminals, such as little plastic bags and crowbars, or baseball bats. There is also the option of using weapons that have blades during the game.

Manhunt’s graphic violence is comparable to that of snuff movies because you’re urged to not only kill your adversary but do it with the most brutal method that you can. Some of the creators who created the game weren’t happy about the creation of the game. It made them feel miserable just thinking about starting a game that was violent.


Carmageddon is a graphically violent and violent vehicular combat video game developed by Stainless Games. The game was an inspiration for the cult film Death Race 2000, which was released in the year 1975.

In Carmageddon, participants are pitted against other racers on different levels, including a city, mine, or industrial area. There is a set time limit to finish every race. However, you can earn more time by damaging your fellow opponents’ vehicles or taking out all pedestrians on the level.

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Due to the gore theme within the game, several nations, including Germany as well as Germany and the UK, Carmageddon was first launched with the game censored. Instead of fighting, people have to take out zombies or robots.



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