Top Ten PS3 Move Games 2011

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Top Ten PS3 Move Games 2011

Top Ten PS3 Move Games 2011

The year that ended was an exciting year for all PS3 fans. The year saw the launch of a huge selection of PS3 titles, including Heavy Rain, which was fantastic. Additionally, there was the PS3 Move which added a fresh dimension to the gaming experience.

As with last year, 2011 2011 is set to be an exciting year for everyone PS3 owners. We will be looking at the top 10 PS3 games that are planned to launch for PS3 consoles PlayStation 3 console or downloadable through PSN. PSN network in the year 2011. We will also look at whether these games are PS3 exclusive or are compatible with PS3 Move Controller. PS3 Moving Controller.

1. Dead Space 2:

Dead Space 2 is a gritty sci-fi horror movie. The sequel is the return of Astro engineer Isaac Clarke who has landed right in the middle of an alien realm known as the Sprawl. Isaac has to now face the new alien invasion. The game is set to release on January 25, for the US and on January 28th for the UK. Dead Space 2 will be a limited edition and will be together alongside Dead Space: Extraction as a PlayStation Move game title.

2. The Elder Scrolls V:

Skyrim: Bethesda promises a brand new engine for the latest installment in the series. The plot for this sequel seems to be an expansion of the earlier series and will have players taking on the role of the dragon’s last incarnation in an attempt to rescue humanity from the clutches of dragons. We aren’t able to confirm that this series of RPGs will work for PS3 Move. PS3 Move.

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3. Deus Ex:

Human Revolution: The action RGP game looks set to be a massive success after a less than well-received prequel. Deus Ex: Human revolution revolves around a cybernetically enhanced character Adam Jensen who battles against other androids in a multi-plot conspiracy. The game is expected to release in April 2011.

4. LittleBigPlanet 2:

is a puzzle-based video game that was released in the month of January in 2011 and created through Media Molecule. The latest game in the series revolves around the ability of players to build mini-games and levels. LittleBigPlanet 2 features some new innovative tools and is a PS3 Move compatible game.

5. Killzone 3:

Killzone 3 is a first-person shooter game that will launch on February 22, 2011. The game was created in partnership with Guerrilla Games and Zipper Interactive, and PlayStation has confirmed that it can expect to be on the move when you play this. It will be possible to experience Killzone 3 on a 3D TV using the PS3 Move controller.

6. Infamous 2.

Infamous two was created in collaboration with Sucker Punch Productions, a company that makes games for PlayStation. It is a sequel to earlier games that were released in 2009 and is based on the events of Infamous. Infamous two is based on Cole MacGrath and his war against his enemies, the Militia, along with The Beast in a brand new city known as New Marais. Infamous 2 is a PS3 Move compatible game due to launch in the year 2011.

7. Uncharted 3:

The third installment in the trilogy of third-person shooter video games and concentrates upon Nathan Drakes’ search for the city he lost, “Atlantis of Sands,” and his fight to survive. You can enjoy this unique PS3 game in 3D. The game will include two multiplayer modes, competitive and co-op, as well as some brand new places. The game will work with PS3’s PS3 Move controller.

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8. SOCOM 4.

SOCOM 4. It is a third-person shooter video game exclusively on the PlayStation platform. SOCOM 4, like its predecessor, will concentrate on the multiplayer online play; however, unlike the previous games, there’s the addition of a single-player mode. Gamers will command an elite five-man NATO forces squad to save the world’s vital waterways from the grasp of a revolutionary army intent on ruining the global economy. SOCOM 4 will work with the PS3 Move controller and is scheduled to release in the first quarter of 2011.

9. Dragon Age 2:

Dragon Age 2 is a Role Play Game and sequel to the game of the year in 2009. The players will take on Hawke, an escaped refugee who ascends to the level of prominence within the realm that is Dragon Age. The game was created by BioWare and released through Electronic Arts. Dragon Age 2 is scheduled to launch in March of 2011 and will be compatible with the PS3 Move controller.

10, Mass Effect 3:

Players will be expected to play the character of Commander Shepard, who is an Alliance Marine who is tasked with bringing this Earth away from the clutches of aliens intent on destroying humanity as a whole. The game was developed by BioWare and is expected to launch in the fourth quarter of the year. Mass Effect 3 supports PS3 Move.

2011 is expected to be an exciting year for all PS3 owners. If you thought the year before was fantastic, then these anticipated PS3 titles will increase the bar. We believe these are the top 10 PS games to look for in 2011.

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