Black Ops Perks Explained 2

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Black Ops Perks Explained 2

Black Ops Perks Explained 2

I’ve recently written an article about the first list of perks you can avail of during Call Of Duty Black Ops; this article sparked an influx of interest. Since I’ve been asked to provide more information about this set of Black Ops perks, then I am now going to give more details on how to be a killer in COD Black Ops.

In this article, I’m going to tell you the benefits that are for the second class and the way they offer.

Perk Slot 2


The perk with a hardened finish is one of my favorite perks and gives the player more penetration of bullets. This means that if the enemy is hidden behind a wall or within the structure, shooting at the border or other object that protects the enemy will most likely result in a fatality. It is important not to confuse bullet penetration with the damage that is caused by a gun because the damage will be the same.


The professional variant of the perk can be advantageous and comes with two additional effects that improve your game. The hardened pro version allows players to create more damage on the enemy’s aircraft and vehicles. Additionally, you will notice the recoil produced through each firearm is reduced. The Hardened Pro is a valuable perk to own and utilize.


It’s true that I’m not a massive lover of the scout reward, but that’s likely because I hate sniping. This perk is targeted at those who enjoy shooting, as it provides them with the capability to keep their breath longer while aiming at the sights of a firearm that snipes. The only reason I’ve ever utilized this particular perk is to get the Pro version to make it easier to use. However, I’m not making use of this perk.

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Scout Pro

Scout Pro Perk accomplishes all of these things and lets you change weapons more quickly. This particular perk is targeted towards shooters who wish to switch to their second weapon as fast as they can during close-combat shooting.

Tricks of the trade

Another perk I am a fan of. When I have a weapon that requires a long period of time to reload, I make use of this feature to cut the reload time by half. This is an excellent option if you’re using a firearm with either a small or a large magazine or one that requires a long time to recharge.

Sleight of Hand Pro

The sleight-of-hand pro can do all of this and lets you examine the scope approximately 50% quicker than before. This benefit isn’t applicable on guns that do not have an optical area, however.


Modern war two users might recall that class in “Bling,” which is similar to this class that allows players to carry two weapon attachments. I frequently utilize this feature when using the AK47-U firearm. I can attach rapid fire as well as an ergonomic grip to make this gun a formidable weapon for killing.

Warlord Pro

Warlord Pro is somewhat of a letdown, if you’re honest, as it permits users to carry an additional primary and tactical grenade. I’m not convinced there’s a necessity for this, and personally, I’d like to see a second gun attachment.

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